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Widespread cheating on online DMV license permit test connected to plot to get illegal immigrants unemployment funds

The state Department of Motor Vehicles is cracking down on cheating.

Earlier this fall it was reported that cheating was rampant among driver’s license permit test takers.

A test by DMV workers found that over a four-day period, 464 out of over 1,500 people who passed the online test and came to get their physical permit had verification issues.

Last year the state launched the online portal to obtain a permit and take the written portion of the driver’s license test in response to the pandemic.

Now, the Times Union in Albany reports that widespread cheating might be connected to a scheme to obtain driver’s credentials for illegal immigrants. The process would allow them to establish a residence and apply for unemployment benefits through the state’s Excluded Workers Fund.

The biggest issue the state is wrestling with: Are the people taking the permit test actually New Yorkers? According to the reporting utilization of the scheme has likely slowed down due to the DMV being more cautious of potential fraud. However, the state remains on alert over it.