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61% of prison workers vaccinated, only 9% of unvaccinated are submitting weekly COVID test results

The state’s efforts to get public employees vaccinated against COVID-19 isn’t going very well in prisons.

Fox5NY’s Morgan Mckay reported on Monday that only 61% of DOCCS staff is vaccinated. Furthermore, just 9% of unvaccinated staff are submitting weekly COVID test results.

DOCCS says it will be taking action as soon as Tuesday, but it’s not clear what that could mean.

“All employees not in compliance with the state-wide directive will be subject to a Notice of Discipline, or Notice of Charges for Management/Confidential employees, and subject to disciplinary suspension,” officials said.

As of November 29, 15,596 DOCCS staff were vaccinated. Only about 2,340 of the unvaccinated prison workers had been submitting weekly test results.