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Holiday lights – Schuyler style underway

Business owners and residents of Schuyler County are invited to participate in the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce (WGACC) second annual Holiday Lights – Schuyler Style contest. This event is part of Holiday Happenings & Winter Traditions, organized by the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce.

Light displays must be in place by December 10, 2021, and remain in place through January 10, 2022. Voting begins on December 10, 2021, and extends through January 10, 2022. Voting will be invited by Schuyler County residents and those visiting Schuyler County during the competition. More than $2,000 in prizes will be awarded to entries in the following categories:

  • Businesses in Schuyler County
  • Homes (Owned/Rented) in Schuyler County
  • Farms/Barns in Schuyler County
  • Non-Profits/Not-for-Profits in Schuyler County
  • Most votes from Schuyler County residents
  • Most votes from visitors to Schuyler County

The application and criteria for judging are available online at

Complete Details Follow
To participate in the second annual Holiday Lights – Schuyler Style, complete the application form here. A map of all entries will be prepared and posted online for voters to download. Voters will be asked to consider the following when casting their ballot.

  • Did the entry incorporate the 2021-2022 theme of international holiday and winter celebrations in the display?
  • Did the entry incorporate symbols found in the Holiday Happenings & Winter Traditions logo, for instance a Christmas tree, menorah, kinara, and symbols for winter solstice, Chinese New Year, and Los Ponchos?
  • Did the entry focus on the meaning of one symbol, represent a combination of the symbols depicted, or incorporate other symbols that represent additional holiday or winter traditions?
  • Did the entry incorporate Watkins Glen Promotion’s (WGP) Village Christmas theme of “Visions of CandyLand” in combination with an international holiday/winter tradition?

More than $2,000 in cash prizes (and some nifty trophies and ribbons as well) will be awarded, including the following.

  • Home Display (owned or rented) – $200 for First Prize, sponsored by Warren Real Estate
  • Business Display – Free one-year WGACC Membership for First Prize
  • Non- or not-for-profit Display – $350  for First Prize
  • Farm/Barn Display – $250 for First Prize
  • Best of Contest Local Vote (In-County Zip Codes) – $500 – most votes online with zip codes
  • and Best of Contest Visitor Vote (Out-of-County Zip Codes) – $500 – most votes online with zip codes

In case of ties a committee of judges will break the ties by a majority of vote.

Participants must adhere to the following rules.

  • All Federal, State, and Local Laws are to be adhered to with regards to lights, sounds, zoning, and curfews, etc. WGACC, and WGP cannot and will not be held liable for any infractions.
  • Safety and courteousness of, and to, participants, spectators, and neighboring homes, properties, and businesses must be a top priority. Viewing must be complimentary (no fee).
  • All registrations for participants must be turned into the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce (WGACC) at 214 N. Franklin Street, Watkins Glen, NY 14891 on by Friday, December 3, by 12pm (Noon). Registrations may also be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 607-535-6243 by the same date and time. All participants must complete an online registration form with only one category selected. Email Katherine ([email protected]) for Registration Form or call 607-535-4300 to request a Registration Form. 
  • All venues are discouraged from hosting social gatherings. Ideally, all viewing can and should happen by vehicle drive-by and/or a stroll that allows safe physical/social distancing on a public sidewalk. Displays need to be lit from 5pm to 11pm each evening and should look nice by day as well if possible and not have any dangerous elements to creators or spectators.
  • Displays must be available through January 10, 2022, at 11pm. Please refresh and maintain as necessary. Votes may be cast throughout the 32-day competition.
  • Most importantly, no matter how big or small the decorating/display is, keep the spirit of the season in mind as you create. Displays should embrace seasonal traditions. We look forward to a fun, friendly, and safe competition!


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