Hair transplant in Turkey for a receding hairline

While the issue of hair loss mainly affects men, it also affects women. Hair loss on the forehead and temples is particularly noticeable and therefore troubling. A look at Turkey shows how easy it is to reduce receding hairline, Medhair Clinic.

Hair loss affects both men and women as they age. The causes of increased hair loss, alopecia, are often genetic. Many patients suffer particularly when a receding hairline occurs, that is, when hair loss occurs on the temples. The forehead appears higher and changes the visual appearance. Fortunately, a hair transplant Turkey can help reduce hairlines.

What Causes Hair Loss in Temples?

There are several genetic hair loss causes, but a common cause is a hypersensitivity to the sex hormone dihydrotestosterone. The hormone is a natural breakdown product of the hormone testosterone, which increases in men but in smaller amounts in women. About 40% of all men and one in five women have signs of major hair loss. With the help of hair transplant in Turkey, many people can have fewer receding hairlines.

A Permanent Solution for a Receding Hairline?

Many patients are worried that the transplanted hair may fall out again. As a solution to this concern, Medhair Clinic is helping as a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. It takes the hair from a safe donor area, that is, from the area where the hair and hair follicles are less sensitive. He believes in this method so much that he gives a long-term guarantee to the patients he treats. Because: Hair transplantation is a permanent solution at Medhair Clinic. For this reason, it is also recommended for very young patients who are 20 years old at the first signs of hairline regression.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey are Much Lower

There is no general answer to the cost of hair transplantation. Many factors play a role. But one matter is evident: the charge of a hair transplant in Turkey is up to 70% cheaper than a kit in the USA and Europe – and the same quality of treatment. Low costs are due, for example, too low personnel costs in Turkey, where the cost of living is often significantly lower than in Europe.

Medhair Clinic and its team offer hair analysis before treatment in order to be able to estimate the prices precisely for each patient. This way, costs can be estimated, and if you are interested, treatment can be safely planned.

Experience Shows: Treatment at Medhair Clinic is Safe and Comfortable

Those who how to have an interest in hair transplant can convince themselves of the success and quality of the treatment in advance and admire the results through the before and after photos of the patients from Turkey on the internet. As one of the front clinics for hair transplantation, Medhair Clinic can care for more than 50,000 successfully treated patients who are happy to give positive reviews. Accordingly, the hair transplant procedure is routine and as pleasant as possible for the patient.

For example, the comfort method is used for anesthesia. This is a painless and safe form of anesthesia in which the doctor injects the anesthetic under the scalp. The patient usually does not notice the puncture.

Medhair Clinic team checks the number of grafts for hair transplantation with receding hairline, including hair follicles. Micromotor is used in order not to damage the sensitive hair root. The attending physician then implants the grafts taken in this way with the CHOI pen. This modern method requires a lot of skill on the part of the doctor, but at the same time, promises the greatest possible success.

Is it Probable to Have a Hair Transplant in Istanbul During the Corona Days?

Patients can travel to Turkey for treatment without any problems. The only requirement for flight is a negative PCR test. Masks are obligatory in public areas, hotels, and hairdressers in Turkey, and patients must follow the 150 cm distance rule. Breakfast at the hotel is served to guests in their rooms, as the open buffet is closed for hygienic reasons.