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Exposure to other forms of the Coronavirus can help fight COVID-19 infections

Research shows that when someone falls ill with a minor Coronavirus, they have a better shot at protection from COVID-19.

The antibody in those that had a previous and similar infection can be used to build immunity against COVID-19.

Researchers at the University if Zurich head of the Institute of Medical Virology, Alexandra Trkola, stated that those that have had a stronger immune response to other viruses have some protection against COVID-19.

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The study looked at people’s antibody levels that had been sick with Coronaviruses before and compared them with those already sick with COVID-19.

The study’s conclusions is that when a strong antibody response to other, harmless, Coronaviruses happens then there is better protection for COVID-19.

Researchers strongly suggest getting the COVID-19 vaccine which will keep people safe from the novel Coronavirus.

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