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Prepare for slow mail delivery with 12 billion pieces of mail expected during holidays by USPS

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the United States Postal Service is expecting over 12 billion pieces of mail and packages to be sent out.

Workers sort these packages early in the morning so tractor trailers can take them across the country as soon as they’re sorted.

In Detroit there are 1,001 new seasonal employees to help out in a new 200,000 square foot annex. There is another 400,000 square foot annex that sorts thousands of packages close by.

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USPS says it’s been preparing for this point in the year since February of 2021, with 644,000 employees total.

They increased their air capacity, their number of new hires, and obtained additional equipment that could sort 4.5 million more packages per day. They also leased 3,300 trailers for the spike in the holidays.

There have been major preparations for the influx in packages. The advice to get ahead and mail packages as early as possible remains the same.

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