Top 5 beautiful vintage coin slot machines

The collection of antique slot machines is a unique and expensive passion for many people who possess a good knowledge about the values of slot machines. Nowadays, most gamblers play slot online over the Internet. Simplicity is involved in these machines, whereas the modern ones include extras. Many classic slots are video-based too. Antique slot machines are found in gambling establishments and many online casinos all around the world. Although most classic slot machines are three-reel ones, there are many with five or seven reels. These machines make use of classic video screens to display the reels.

Old-time Slot Machines

Old slot machines are more preferable for gambling by most people. Watling, Mills, Caille, etc., some mills slot machines and penny slot machines were the biggest players during 1910. Many people find these vintage slots better than current video slots. The old vintage slot games use a random number generator to decide the symbols and reels that are to be displayed on the screen. These classic machines use actual reels with limited combinations since reels can only hold up to a limited number of symbols. Players can use classic slot machines to play for free most of the time. There is no rush of hitting a big payout and no risk of losing money either. If you want to play slots for free in these classic slot machines, you have to do it online, as land-based casino machines can’t be played without putting money into them. 

Bally Reliance Rare 5 Cent Dice Machine

This slot machine was a favorite of all collectors because of its small size and enhancing looks. The 1930s were an important era as Bally was formed during this decade. Today only 100 Bally Reliance Dice machines exist. It is the five-cent American dice machine that is rarer than Buckley Bones Dice Machine. This machine was originally made for Bally by the company, the Buckley Bones Dice machine. The mechanism of this machine is put for restoration by specialized restorers. It consists of the original door, lock, key, token, cadmium finish, cash drawer, and other original internal parts. The function and playing ability of this machine are similar to that of a new machine. Thus, it pays the right amount. After paying five cents, a player can pull the handle, and the dice are tossed out in the left window. A player is declared a winner if the roll is seven.

Similarly, rolling two, three, twelve would mean that the player has lost the game. Rolling any other number would mean a point. On again pulling the handle, the dice come out in the right window. Until players roll out 7 or make a point, they continue pulling the handle. On rolling Four constant 7s or 11s, the player wins a golden award and a jackpot. 

Watling Rol-A-Top Bird of Paradise Slot Machine

Rol-A-Top is quite eye-catching as it is a three-reel slot machine that spills out birds and fruits and has an upturned cornucopia. It comes with a back door and an original cash box. This three-reel slot machine has vivid colors and is restored with castings of three nickel-plated aluminum. The machine retains all the original features, including the back door, reel strips, cash box with lock, and original replacement lock. The first two reels are made of tin, whereas the third reel is of paper. It is known as the king of slot machines for collectors. The 25-cent slot machine is a rarely found bird of paradise. The size is 25×17×16 inches. This type of machine must be put for 100% restoration for normal functionality. Although rollers and mint vendor knob are there, not even a mint can be dispensed as they need adjusting. There’s an original Watling handle with different finishing. The oak wooden sides are original and have a Watling decal on the two sides of the cases. 

25 cent Watling Baby Lincoln Slot Machine

Watling Baby Lincoln Slot Machine was manufactured in the year 1931 by Watling. The condition of nickel-plated aluminum casting is quite good. The front glass included two keys, a cash box, reel strips, and an awards card look new. The 25 cent Watling Baby Lincoln Slot Machine is in good working condition that has been serviced. People can find many Jennings and Mills slot machines but can’t find as nice a machine as Watling Lincoln. This slot machine is very rare, especially in this proper desirable condition. The award cards and the metal reel strips are original with a beautiful aluminum front in a nice oak cabinet. It can be used as a Lincoln gambler, a gift for your room, and a coin collector. The front glass, oak cabinet, award card, metal reel strips are all good. Apart from the regular reward, there are chances of additional premium in the form of a jackpot. “Win One of the Jack Pots” is stated on the label. 

1924 Jennings Automatic Vendor

Jennings Automatic Vendor was produced in the year 1926 by O. D. Jennings. Jennings made streamlined gorgeous wood floor models. The sides, front part, and base are made of oak. The vendor cabinet, along with the top part, is case aluminum. The front door has a replacement back cash door lock. This machine has an original front door, reel strips, and cash box. Although vendor linkage is complete, it needs some adjustments. A coin slot plug comes along with the machine. The three-reel slot machine has a complete deferred pay mechanism. 

Domino Animated Dice Slot Machine

The original dice slot machine has the picture of animated men shooting dice with the original lock and key. It is a rare machine in which the animation starts with men throwing the dice on inserting a coin, and cranking the handle. The beautiful dice gambler machine comes with an oak case in good condition and the front of the slot machine award card. The size of the machine is 9″ x 18″ x 25″. This gambling coin-up machine has animated dice. “The Domino Company, 26th and Hunting dog Sts, Philadelphia, PA” is written in the interior part of the front glass.


Old vintage slot machines not only add great beauty to our home decoration but can also be used for playing games. The value of the vintage slot machine will be more if it holds the original parts. Refurbishing of antique machines takes place, which involves cleaning the internal parts and lubricating them. The damaged parts of the machine are then replaced and, at last, reassembled.