How to find the best appliance repair technician in Canada

Finding a qualified repair specialist is difficult. When the fate of your gas stove, fridge, or washing machine is in the hands of a technician, you want to be sure they are competent and licensed. Many of our home appliances are critical for daily life. One breakdown can throw life into chaos. Here are four rules of hiring a local provider in Canada.

Appliance Repair Technician

  1. Stellar Reputation and Customer Service

To find appliance repair Ottawa near me, look beyond five-star reviews on the websites of local firms. Do your own research to prevent expensive mistakes. Remember that choosing the wrong technician will not only lead to additional expenses. Poor repair may turn your appliance into a safety hazard!

If your family, friends or coworkers cannot provide personal recommendations, visit websites like HomeStars to compare customer reviews. Aside from the number of stars, pay attention to the reasons for the ratings. Companies without negative feedback are just as suspicious as firms getting a lot of criticism.

When you start placing calls, evaluate the level of customer service. Does the provider return your call promptly? Is the staff professional and polite?

  1. Reasonable Window of Time

If the period seems too big or it is not provided at all, you have a reason to get suspicious. Any well-established company understands that consumers have a life, so it will not make you wait for its technicians all day. Typically, you should expect a 2-hour window.

  1. Expertise with Different Makes and Models

Every specialist must be familiar with popular manufacturers and models, but you cannot expect your technician to have experience with all brands and appliances under the sun. You need an expert who has repaired your type of equipment. If no local technicians specialize in your brand, choose a specialist with broad knowledge and experience. Ask the company for their portfolio in advance.

Experience with electricity and plumbing is particularly important. Appliances like washing machines are hooked up to plumbing systems, so technicians need special training. An unqualified employee may damage your connections beyond repair.

  1. License, Warranty, and Insurance

Certification requirements in different provinces vary. Make sure the company is licensed to provide services in your area. It must offer a comprehensive warranty covering both the work and any parts used. If a provider does not give guarantees, you are probably dealing with a fly-by-night firm. Technicians fixing gas equipment must be certified by the TSSA.

Insurance also matters. For example, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board guarantees financial protection if something goes wrong during repairs on your property. Certification also confirms that the staff have sufficient knowledge and skills, as they need to complete an apprenticeship program or special training to be authorized.