ESPN releases new creative “More To Be A Fan Of” focusing on sports fans for Disney bundle

ESPN has expanded their streaming channels. With the whole new creative called “More To Be A Fan Of”, you can now have access to Disney+ and Hulu.

Sports fans can now have a customized streaming subscription plan with these three different platforms. ESPN likely gauged that their fans enjoy more than just sports.

ESPN Disney Sports Bundle

With the new bundle subscription, viewers can catch all the elements of sports like heroes and villains and victories to defeats on Disney+. Not just that, but with Hulu bundled too, things become even more interesting.

The creative utilizes a combination of videos from sports moments, films, and shows to explain how the Disney bundle allows ESPN fans to enjoy even more content.

Streaming services often upgrade their bundles and packages to entice new users to get onboard. Some promotional deals only last for a brief period.

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Purpose of this Campaign

According to Seth Ader, the Brand Marketing Vice President of ESPN, this campaign aims to harness the power of sports in the way of opening more doors to viewers to expand their fandom. He also said that great storytelling has no limitations, and the Disney Bundle is a great representation of storytelling.

Also, this new creative campaign aims to make members of the family closer together. Since all ages from the family members can now enjoy different shows and stories in one subscription. This is considered an excellent move of the ESPN creatives.

The Creative Directors of ESPN also stated that all sports fans aren’t just sports fans. That was the basic logic about this creation. Each sport brings us to the edge of our seats across different types of entertainment. And when you connect those pointers, it results in one amazing idea that just clicks.

This move by ESPN is an opening to all fans to have access to streaming giants without subscribing to each platform separately—a wise move by the Marketing Department of ESPN.

The Creative Mind Behind This Campaign


Laura Gentile: EVP Marketing, ESPN & Networks

Joe Earley: EVP Marketing & Content Curation, Disney+ & ESPN+

Russell Wolff: EVP & GM, ESPN+

Seth Ader: VP Marketing

Andy Baker: VP Creative, Disney+

Peter Mulally, John Lobo, Corley Stone: Marketing

Jon Little: Production

Angelica Corral: Project Management:

Preacher: Agency

Rob Baird: Chief Creative Officer

Krystle Loyland: Chief Executive Officer

Seth Gaffney: Chief Strategy Officer

Greg Hunter: ECD/Copywriter

Kellyn Blount: ECD/Art Director

Justin Grady: Copywriter

Jeff Anderson: Art Director

Marissa Servantez: Designer

Heath Tavrides: Group Brand Director

Paige Majdic: Jr. Brand Manager

Doug Kleeman: Strategy Director

Zachary Stubblefield: Strategist

Stacey Higgins: Executive Producer

Tyler Divine: Senior Producer

Aggie Ryan: Production Coordinator:

Miiko Martin: Business Affairs

Uppercut: Edit House

Chris Muldoon: Sr. Producer

Lisa Sadek: Head Of Production

Lisa Houck: Managing Director

Mike Sobo: Editor

Nick Bruce: Assistant Editor

Jake Jennewein: Apprentice Editor

Heard City: Mix

Eric Warzecha: Sound Engineer

Nick Duvarney: Audio Producer:

Uppercut: Finish House

Chris Muldoon: Senior Producer

Maxime Benjamin: After Effect/Grx

Marc Goldfine: Flame Artist

Marcus Wei: Assistant Flame

John Geehreng: Head of VFX

CO3: Telecine

Tim Masick: Colorist:

Everything you need to know about the Disney Bundle

The Disney Bundle is considered a one-stop video plan subscription, which offers viewers the power to create and build their streaming plan with Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. With just $13.99/month, premium viewers can now access the 3 giant streaming platforms in one subscription.

This plan comes with different entertainment live video streaming for kids, sports, news, and other streaming content for sports events and TV shows. In addition, this bundle will give you over 100,000 movie titles, TV series, and original shows with just a single premium plan subscription.

We all know that Disney+ is a great platform to stream movies for families and kids and exciting shows from Marvel, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, and a lot more. On the other hand, Hulu provides access to every major US broadcasting network, such as a list of hit TV Award-winning episodes.

“The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Little Fires Everywhere.” are only two of the well-known TV series you’ll get access to. Last, ESPN+ offers thousands of sports streaming such as UFC Fight Nights MLB, NHL, PPV events, NBA, Bundesliga, and many more.


This amazing creative benefits all online streaming fans. Your favorite shows from these three different platforms can now be easier to reach. This is something ESPN+ should be proud of.

We hope that this article gives you all the essential information about “More To Be A Fan Of.” If you have questions, please let us know in the comment section.