Popular casino games in India and the gambling laws

Indians are well known for their passion for hazardous games. It’s not a surprise that enthusiasts in this region can find various land-based or online casinos, where they can enjoy thrilling gambling experiences. When we discuss attractive casino games, we can’t help but mention Blackjack – the gambler’s favourite choice in this country. The game is known for its capability to lower down the house edge, applying skills, some easy calculations, and strategies.

In this article, we are going to cover the main gambling regulations applied by the state and their effect on Indian society, as well as the most demanded entertaining games.


According to the legend, slots, otherwise known as the fruit machines origin from San Francisco. The first slot machine was invented approximately in the 1980s and was not as practical or attractive as it is now. But one thing is for sure – the features overall and the design were familiar. This famous machine included three spinning reels and a fully automated system.

A lot of people think slots are unfair to players, but the fact is that it pays 90% of its revenue in small amounts. Due to the high popularity among Indian gamblers, casino game providers are investing more and more money in order to create more fresh and fun variations of this game and keep up with the fierce competition.

The origin of Blackjack and its variations

Blackjack is perhaps the oldest gambling game. This fascinating activity dates back to the 16th or 17th century. Online casinos in Asia offer different types of blackjack to their customers, in order to grab their attention. Each of these variations provide non-identical characteristics which will test your skills and logic slightly differently. To make everything clearer, lets dive into some of the most well-known blackjack versions:

  • European Blackjack – Similar to other games, such as roulette, there is a European version of this specific pastime, which offers better odds (20% lower compared to the general standard version). Here the cards are more predictable, as they are played using just two decks of cards. But the main difference consists in the fact that it is played between the dealer and the player.
  • Spanish 21 – this version is known to be one of the most player-friendly games you will find. In Spanish 21, “10” cards are taken out, but this doesn’t contribute to a huge boost of the house edge, as the rules are decided in the players’ favour. If you are a novice, don’t worry as you got the chance to practice free blackjack online before you gain the confidence to start betting real money.
  • Face up 21 – This variation is famous for removing some main advantages of the house- both dealer cards are shown face up, so players have better chances of making conclusions and planning the next moves. This also gives players a tremendous advantage in order to decide how they should be betting along the way.

Gambling regulations

A lot has been said about the gambling regulations around the globe and their effects on different aspects of our lives. The most important thing about an online casino is to have a license, this gives the bettors the freedom and safety they need to enjoy freely different entertaining games. It’s also worth noting, that in most countries, the governments are against online casinos which aren’t regulated by an authority.

In India, gambling isn’t fully allowed or legelized. The gambling status as well as the gambling regulations themselves, varies among different states. There’s no need to define that in specific places, the law even prohibits running both online or offline casinos, as well as the usage of their service. But, the truth is that the gambling sector in this territory has grown steadily during the last year and is still escalating thanks to the global pandemic alongside the countries high rate of the younger population. Technological advances have also revolutionized all forms of entertainment with the usage of a more dynamic software and impressive graphics. This has highly contributed to the flourishing of online casinos not only in India, but internationally.

In our humble opinion, due to the high dependence on online games in the Indian society, strong regulations should take place. Different groups of people have even become dependent on the income they acquire from casino bonuses and betting activities, which contributed to the rise of the so-called “black money “ sources. Moreover, the gambling laws in the country aren’t well defined and clear enough so they are having a horrific effect on the states’ economy.