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Florida passes laws against COVID-19 mandates

Laws have been passed in Florida that disallow COVID-19 mandates, and once the governor signs them they can be implemented.

The laws were passed during a special sessions in Tallahassee Florida.

President Joe Biden’s vaccine plan has been halted as court proceedings play out, and in the meantime Florida is passing their own laws.

People in Florida are allowed to opt out of the vaccine for health and religious reasons.

According to Florida, they added that natural immunity from a prior infection as well as someone pregnant or trying to become pregnant, can opt out.

While Republicans in Florida see this as an answer to stopping the government from making medical decisions and unconstitutionally stepping into people’s lives, Democrats see it as a ploy.

Senator Tina Polsky from Boca Raton describes it as a political theater.

Republican representative John Snyder from Stuart said the choice should be up to the person and views this as a win.

Businesses that already required vaccines before the law will not be punished.

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