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Christmas: Real or fake tree doesn’t matter; it’s going to cost more

Halloween has passed and now many Americans are getting ready for Christmas early with Thanksgiving just one week away.

People have already purchased trees, and tree farms are seeing record sales that they expect to continue through the holiday season.

Unfortunately, the shortages of supply and labor are hitting the Christmas tree market as well.

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While everyone should be able to get a tree this year, the demand and lack of options are going to make it pricier.

Many farmers are struggling to compete with artificial trees that seem to have taken the market by storm in recent years. This means there are far less tree farms than there once was.

Some owners feel that their seasons last year and this year are doing so well due to the pandemic. Last year many were stuck indoors, but going to the Christmas tree farms was something people could leave their home to do.

Some farms travel to stock up on pre-cut trees for families, and the impact of inflation has created a more expensive hassle. This results in the prices of trees on the farm as well as garland or other products to go up.

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