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Weedsport opts out of marijuana law: Officials ask, “Would it require more police presence?”

Add Weedsport to the list of communities in the Finger Lakes and Central New York who have opted out of the state’s marijuana legalization law.

The recreational marijuana law took effect March 31, 2021. Communities that want to opt out of part of the legalization can do so by passing a local ordinance, which acts as a zoning measure.

It won’t make marijuana consumption illegal, but will prevent businesses from selling it or allowing use on property.

The Weedsport Village Board is expected to pass the law at a meeting in December, after it undergoes a final review at the county level.

Village officials said that despite the lure of revenue gains, there was concern about the risk of added cost to allowing marijuana businesses.

“Would it require more police presence? Would the revenue support the resources it would take to monitor the marijuana industry?” he told The Citizen. “We didn’t know if [tax revenue] was going to be enough.”

Among the communities in Cayuga County who have opted out of allowing recreational marijuana businesses is Brutus, Port Byron, Fleming, Locke, Mentz, Springport, Aurora, Fair Haven, and Union Springs.