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Rent relief being shut off by state: Officials say $1 billion more needed from feds

Rent relief will soon be limited in New York: Officials ask for more federal aid

Rent relief is running short. The money from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program is getting low on funds, and New York is asking the federal government for more help. Tenants and landlords are still struggling because of the pandemic, according to Governor Kathy Hochul.

She says $996 million is needed from the U.S. Treasury to make it happen.

By the time Monday comes around, the number of people who can apply for assistance through the rent relief program will be limited.

The $2 billion that was allocated to the program has been paid to landlords and tenants, according to state officials, with nearly a billion more needed.

Attorney-in-Charge of the Civil Law Reform Unit of The Legal Aid Society Judith Goldiner accused the state of acting prematurely – closing off applications.

“Under U.S Treasury Department eligibility standards, New York will likely qualify for the $1 billion in additional rent relief resources recently requested, and given ERAP’s botched application launch this past year, we are concerned that any re-launch will encounter the same issues only to further discourage families from applying. Moreover, we expect that any re-launch will occur after the eviction moratorium expires in early 2022, leaving families susceptible to eviction,” Goldiner said in a statement. “The Hochul Administration must reverse course and keep the ERAP portal open so New York City families can continue to apply.”