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Advantages of chatbots for pizza ordering

Each new tool for building communication between a business and a customer tries to create a feeling of close, friendly relations between them. Chatbots are no exception. If a couple of years ago they were considered an innovation, now they are a prerequisite for quality service.

Why Chatbots Are Good for Business: Pizzeria Example

AI pizza ordering helps to solve such tasks for your establishment as:

  • increases sales and the speed of engaging with customers;

  • improves the quality of services;

  • saves employees time for performing routine tasks in online chat and over the phone;

  • brings the quality of customer service to a new level;

  • improves customer loyalty through automation and an increase in the speed of order processing and resolving issues.

Your customer can painlessly book the right table, for the right time, for the needed number of people. You can help the customer navigate the menu and order food and drink delivery from your establishment. If the conversational AI app is integrated into your kitchen management tool, you can process the orders and send them off to cook automatically. In this way, you can ensure that your employees are the most productive every day of the week. ​​

How Can a Chatbot Attract More Customers to Your Pizzeria?

You will get such useful tools:

  • Lead collection. The robot can collect customer data for the sales department.

  • Placement of orders. It is crucial for pizza delivery, where the final result is known for sure, and there are a few steps to the conversion action.

  • Feedback collection. The program will collect feedback from customers automatically.

  • User consultation on the choice of pizza. The bot will tell visitors about the main characteristics of the dishes, answer frequently asked questions, and select the best offer.

  • User technical support. The bot will help solve typical customer problems.

  • Increase the efficiency of managers’ work. The bot learns basic information about the user and his needs, which will speed up and simplify the work of pizzeria employees.

Script and Texts for the Chatbot

For each of the goals, tasks are compiled individually, shifting the communication algorithms of managers to the bot branches and delegating routine responses to the machine. The creation of a script for a chatbot takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Understanding what the client is reaching with the bot.

  2. Development of a visual scheme of chatbot questions and answers. Start building the logic and chains of the chatbot.

  3. Filling branches with content. The chatbot must match the brand. Establish a few rules that will make the bot organic and enjoyable for the client.

Using conversational chatbots, your staff will be able to receive and quickly process incoming information and fulfill orders directly, which will save on the functions of a telephone operator. Ease of use and unobtrusiveness will work for customer retention and return. Thanks to this, the chatbot, being essentially a free tool, will increase your direct profit.

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