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Have bad credit? Try these guaranteed loans that offer no credit checks, automatic approval

Sometimes people end up with bad credit, and even though they’re working to fix it, it takes time. In that time unfortunate things may happen requiring fast cash.

Your car could break down, you may face eviction, or you simply may need to just purchase groceries.

Whatever the issue may be, there are a few options for people with bad credit who find themselves in a pinch.

Here are five companies that give loans to people with bad credit

First is MoneyMutual, which offers lending loans for bad credit.

The application process is quick and easy, there are different loans to choose from, their website is secure, there are no service fees, money is received within 24 hours, and there are 60 lenders to access.

The downfall is that MoneyMutual is not responsible for issues that may happen between the borrower or the lender, and loans can only go to U.S. residents applying.

Another loan company for bad credit is BadCreditLoans which offers a guaranteed approval.

To apply you just need to fill out a form, do not need to deal with individual lenders, choose your lender, and you are not stuck with accepting the agreement if you don’t like the lender you matched with.

Some people may have strict eligibiliy criteria to meet, and the Better Business Bureau has not rated the company yet.

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CashUSA also offers small loans for bad credit.

The website is easy to navigate, over one million people use it monthly, the repayment period can be as long as 70 months, there are no fees for connecting with lenders, and they offer education for consumers to make informed decisions.

One downfall is the amount of data the company asks for and some people are uncomfortable providing it.

Another company called Personal Loans offers personal loans for people with bad credit.

People approved will get their money the same day they requested it, arrangements to repay are considered reasonable and not at all confusing, accepting the offer isn’t an obligation, your personal situation is taken into account when creating a loan, loans up to $35,000 are available, and there are flexible payment options to help boost your credit score.

The issue with Personal Loans is those with really bad credit are given very high interest rates.

Finally, Credit Loans is a company that gives loans online for those with bad credit.

The company offers free and fast services, a secure system, uses TRUSTe and McAfee to protect their customers, does everything online, authorizes loans within 24 hours, and offers miniature loans for those looking for a lower interest and cost.

The only downfall with this company seems to be that a loan cannot be greater than $5,000.

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