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Congressman John Katko will have Republican challenger: Timothy Ko enters the race

Congressman John Katko is going to have a challenger in the 24th District.

It will come long before the general election though. Timothy Ko, a Physician Assistant Specialist in Neurosurgery, announced his bid for the seat – challenging the incumbent.

“When people ask me who actually influenced me most to run for Congress, I say John Katko. He has been unfaithful to his oath of office and to the voters who supported him. His voting record is atrocious. He promised he was going to go to Washington to cut spending. Yet, here he is voting for budgets that are putting our country further and further into debt. He has signed onto just about every Democratic big spending bill that has come down the line, and his vote to support Nancy Pelosi and President Biden’s over trillion-dollar Green New Deal infrastructure boondoggle is the last straw. His actions show he hasn’t been honest with us, so that’s why I’m running,” said Ko.

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The challenger says Katie’s positions on key issues hurts the 24th District. Among those issues – the Green New Deal, Protecting the Right to Organize Act, and flip-flopping on border security.

“It is time to make Congress accountable to the voter. We simply can no longer accept a career politician siding with D.C. Democrat cronies while pretending back home to listen to “We the People.” Our country is heading in the wrong direction. If we don’t get control over the direction we’re heading economically, militarily, and socially, we’re going to be past the point of no return,” he added. “Our representatives have stopped listening to the people back home. We are tired of Washington betraying our values and their insider backroom deals that hurt regular Americans. And mostly, we are tired of politicians who compromise their principles out of convenience.”

He currently works as a PA specialist in downtown Syracuse. He graduated from Syracuse University and LeMoyne College.

His website is