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Are people who collect social security getting a fourth stimulus check worth $1,400? Advocates ask Congress to approve it

The Senior Citizens League, which advocates for senior citizens, has sent a letter to Congress calling on them to approve a fourth stimulus check for the population.

The letter is asking for a check in the amount of $1,400 be sent to them after they’ve learned they spent their savings and are down to eating one meal per day. Some have shared with the League that they’re cutting their pills in half to stretch their prescription drugs that they can no longer afford.

By offering a stimulus check, it gives the already struggling group a chance to receive non-taxable income, especially going into 2022. While COLA boosted, everything is still incredibly expensive and those struggling already will continue to struggle. In addition, Medicare Part B is going up in cost, essentially eating away at any extra money they would have made.

The first three checks sent were worth $1,200, $600, and then $1,400.

The Senior Citizen League has also created an online petition to send to Congress and anyone can sign here.

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