Nerve Control 911 Reviews: Best Nerve Pain Relief Supplement From PhytAge Labs

The nervous system is a complicated but necessary part of the body. It allows for sensory communication and movement in animals, even though it may be composed entirely of nerves made up of neurons or tiny cells. The older generation seems most vulnerable because many diseases affect them here.

When someone is affected by these conditions, they end up in severe and chronic pain. Numerous drugs out there try to alleviate this discomfort. Still, many only offer momentary relief, which can be unsatisfying for sufferers who want long-lasting results without the side effects associated with other medications.

The solution?

Nerve Control 911!

This supplement states “relief from debilitating nerve damage” on its website. Besides trying it out at their earliest convenience, what else could one ask since time is of the essence when dealing with serious medical complications? Medical complications like axons disconnecting themselves, leading to neuropathy (or loss/disability).

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What is Nerve Control 911?

It is a natural formula made with ingredients to combat nerve pain and its symptoms. Filled capsules are proven effective at soothing away the discomfort of damaged nerves, inhibiting underlying causes that lead to neuropathy in their healing process. Users can get rid of their persistent discomfort by taking these simple pills filled only with high-quality nutrients like aloe vera gel extract as well as vitamin B6.

How does it work?

Nerve pain can be a nightmare to live with. It starts as just some tingling, but it quickly turns into sharp shooting pains and may lead a person down the path of leg amputation or even death if left untreated for too long. Many people don’t understand what causes nerve damage- an enzyme known as MMP 13 does this! This destructive protein breaks down nerves that disrupt the healing process by preventing nutrients from being delivered where they need to go to break up scar tissue buildup caused by previous injuries.

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Nerve Control 911 fights off MMP-13

MMP-13 is an enzyme that eats away the skin’s collagen. Suppose there is concentrated MMP in the body. In that case, it can make walking or doing other activities hard due to nerve damage. This might lead to brittle bones where calcium is being worn down more quickly than new tissue grows up around them—making them lose their strength over time. Hence the question, how can this be stopped?

MMP-13 can be set off by unhealthy foods, air pollution, and metals in water. However, the good news is that Nerve Control 911 can inhibit the pain caused by MMP-13. Nerve Control 911 helps the user feel better within a few days of usage. Scientific research has found seven pain pathways in the brain, and this formula will block all.

Nerve Control 911 relaxes the muscle

Neuropathy pain can be a very painful condition. Nerve Control 911 is an all-natural dietary supplement that contains the most powerful ingredients known to provide neuropathy relief and other health benefits, such as relaxation of muscles.

Nerve Control 911 helps improve circulation.

Nerve Control 911 is a natural neurological supplement that can be used for those struggling with brain-related and immune system issues. It helps improve circulation, which enhances the function of the brain by providing all needed oxygen and nutrients. The product also provides some additional benefits, such as increasing energy levels or improving one’s ability to fight off colds when taken regularly over time.

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Ingredients of Nerve Control 911

It is manufactured by PhytAge laboratories for healing degenerative diseases that affect the Central Nervous System (CNS). Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, it does not numb pain but rather restores proper function and heals nerve damage. All ingredients are safe for use in tandem; they act upon one another synergistically through different mechanisms to achieve their desired effect on one’s health.

The supplement contains only the purest and most potent ingredients to help the user live pain-free. It works by restoring nerve control, enabling people to have better eyesight and eliminate suffering from their daily life routines without distractions or discomfort. The ingredients are as follows:

1.  Passionflower

Passionflower is a powerful natural medication used by some people to help with anxiety, depression, and pain. Passionflower has many different constituents which work together. These include:

  • flavonoids(apigenin),
  • terpenoids (like limonene), 
  • quercetin, 
  • procyanidins, and 
  • saponins. 

These all promote nerve cell growth because they improve blood flow in the body as well. With so many of these nutrients inside this plant, it will not only reduce inflammation but also stop free radicals from damaging the nerves cells

2.  Prickly Pear Cactus

In the past, Native Americans used this plant for its ability to keep them hydrated, aid digestion, and provide a natural anti-neurotoxin. They also found that it was excellent at keeping their immune systems healthy due in part to its high level of vitamin C content.

3.  California Poppy

California Poppy is a valuable plant that has been used for centuries to support nerve cell health. Ingested, it can help heal nerves damaged from things such as pressure or stretching. When these areas become inflamed due to injury on their own without any external influence being applied at all – consumers may experience depression along with other stress disorders. Arthritis starts developing soon after the initial damage occurs in some cases but often years before if this trend continues untreated throughout one’s lifetime. This ingredient has the most potent antioxidants that protect the nervous system’s neurotransmitters from getting destroyed. It also contains natural sedative properties to relieve nerve pain, making it perfect for use in supplements.

4.  Corydalis Yanhusuo

Corydalis Yanhusuo is an ancient herb with many medicinal benefits for inflammation, nerve pain, and cancer treatment. It also helps against diabetes, urinary issues, psoriasis, among other ailments.

5.  Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root is a herb that protects against harmful substances and viruses. It also helps to regulate nerve cells, so they don’t get too excited or inhibited, leading to severe complications for people who have damage in this area of their body’s nervous system (such as multiple sclerosis). This plant has been known for centuries because it plays such an important role.

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Nerve Control 911 Usage

A person’s diet and lifestyle are the most critical parts to get Nerve Control 911 working its best. A balanced meal plan will help the body receive necessary nutrients from food, while regular exercise positively affects mental health. Anyone to get the most out of this product is encouraged to use it for at least 90 days. This time will give the body enough of an opportunity so that both nerve damage can heal fully while also allowing its structural integrity/functioning capabilities to get back up and up-and-running again after being disrupted.

Pregnant women, lactating mothers, and individuals under 18 years should not use this product. People taking medication should first consult medical personnel before starting on a supplement like these as the effects may not work correctly and could be harmful to their health in some cases.


The manufacturer advises that the user take two pills a day for 90 days. It should be taken after food so that there will be proper absorption and its ingredients are in their purest form, which allows complete penetration through the system.

Advantages of Nerve Control 911

  • It ensures that the body can communicate effectively with its nervous system, resulting in a relaxed mind for the user.
  • It eliminates pain or discomfort that may come alongside nerve problem
  • The product also relieves someone of insomnia, which is caused by pain and discomfort.
  • It eradicates joint inflammation or arthritis in the joints.
  • The product also facilitates one’s visual perception as it makes the nerve cells work better. The increased blood flow and muscle contraction will cause the user to see clearer, feel more energized without any jitters.

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Drawbacks of Nerve Control 911

  • Purchasing the Nerve Control 911 supplement is only through their official website and not other online sources.
  • If an individual is already under medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s best to seek medical advice before using this product as there could be adverse side effects for these groups of people with certain conditions


The product is available in three different price options.

1. $69.95 for one bottle.

2. $119.19 for two bottles.

3. $199.80 for four bottles.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is the product safe?

There are no reported side effects accorded to Nerve Control 911. It’s still recommended that individuals always discuss any new diet or exercise plan with their doctors before starting it so they can monitor for potential complications.

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Is there a refund policy?

Yes, The Company has allowed a 90-day refund policy. 

How long will shipping take?
Shipping takes a maximum of seven working days.

Final thoughts

It has been said that conventional medication mostly puts a band-aid on nerve pain but does not solve it. This makes people search for another solution to living better lives free of confusion and discomfort with their condition, such as neuropathy. Nerve Control 911 states that the product relieves this symptom which causes complications due to lack of effectiveness over time. Instead of adding more chemicals into the system, this gives an alternative treatment option when one already feels low energy levels from taking pills every day.