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3.35 million more Americans will be getting $1,100 stimulus checks by the end of December

California taxpayers may be eligible for another check worth $1,100 by the end of the year.

The Golden State Stimulus II checks will be going out and the California Franchise Tax Board estimates around 9 million checks in all will be sent.

Millions have already been deposited into bank accounts, but the next group will be sent by mail in the form of a check. Many have already been sent this week.

Some of the payments are still being processed, especially if taxes were filed after Sept. 1.

A total of $12 billion dollars is expected to be sent out.

These checks are an effort to give more relief to California residents that have suffered from the pandemic.

When will I get my Golden State Stimulus II check?

The checks are being sent based on the zip code used to file your 2020 tax returns.

In the next two week checks will be going to people who filed with zip codes ending in 221-375.

It may take 45-60 days to process a tax return so if you filed close to the Oct. 15 deadline expect it to take longer.

If you’re expecting direct deposit then your tax return may be being processed still.

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