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Advocates push for affordable and supportive housing as 91,000 New Yorkers face homelessness per day

Many states are facing the same issue, there is not enough affordable housing to house all Americans.

New York itself is facing that issue as well, trying to have enough room for provide affordable housing to all 20 million state residents.

What was once an issue in expensive New York City has become an issue in the rest of the state and country.

Rachel Fee of the New York Housing Conference is joined by over a dozen other organizations in a coalition with a plan.

The goal is to create a five year plan that will spend more for new or converted housing in the state of New York. This can also shelter New Yorker’s while linking them with programs to help keep them from becoming homeless again.

Fee said 91,000 residents face homelessness daily and the money would go toward affordable housing as well as supportive housing to provide necessary services to some.

Advocates say this is an urgent issue, especially with homelessness after the pandemic. Fee describes housing as healthcare during the pandemic.

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