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Will you get $7,200 next year if the child tax credit is extended?

One part of the Democrats $1.75 trillion dollar spending plan, according to an outline, is an expanded child tax credit plan for one more year.

This means families would get the monthly stimulus checks, or child tax credits, next year plus the second half of their 2021 child tax credit during tax season.

This bill and the proposals that are part of the multi-trillion dollar plan are not guaranteed. This bill could change drastically in order to get it passed, but many are hopeful this part won’t.

In a couple of weeks, November’s installment will go out, marking the fifth payment to families getting half of their child tax credits early.

The sixth, and last, check will go out December 15th.

One of the things President Joe Biden and his administration would like to do is make the tax credit permanent, or extend it for years to come. At the moment it looks like it’s just one year is the goal.

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