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Mu Variant spotted again in the United States

The Mu Variant has been found in the Altamonte Springs sewer service area in Florida.

According to the city manager, there has been a low concentration in the area.

The detection was in the sewage. The area runs through parts of Seminole County, Winter Park, Maitland, Eatonville and Altamonte Springs.

Sewers are tested twice weekly and city officials are running more tests now.

The city tests sewage for COVID-19 and has since April of 2020 as a way to monitor transmission throughout the community.

Though they’re seeing more COVID in the sewage, an attempt at detecting it before symptoms appear among members of the community, it is not as high as it was during the peak of Delta.

Experts believe despite Mu existing, it is not risk and Delta is a much stronger variant.

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