Estrogen Pills: Best estrogen blocker for men

High estrogen in men is diagnosed by many names since the conditions it leads to are multiple. What causes high estrogen in men is something to be explained in detail, only then you could find you the best ways to deal with this problem without alarming symptoms. Click Here to Buy Best Estrogen Pills that Work!

Let’s start with…

Estrogen in Men

Testosterone and estrogen run simultaneously in men but on different levels, estrogen contributes to defining the specific sexual features in men, and this is available in three forms. 

  1. Estriol
  2. Estrone
  3. Estradiol

What is Estrogen?

Generally speaking, Estrogen is female hormone-like men have testosterone as the primary hormone for their entire physiological behavior. As both hormones are present in men and females but testosterone is minute in females whereas estrogen is available in small quantities in men. 

In females, estrogen is the key hormone for sexual features developed during the adolescent period. Estrogen also maintains the menstrual cycle in females and helps them have busty breasts. 

The role of estrogen in men has been explained several times which poses threats to male sexuality is found in high levels. Estrogen has to stay in balance with testosterone and when the levels of estrogen rise abnormally, there are fewer risks involved to men’s health. 

High Estrogen in Men

The world’s largest Endocrine Society approves the statement about the ideal estrogen levels in men. This should have levels of estradiol between 10-40 picograms per milliliter. The estrogen test also reveals the levels of estrone which should be around 10-50pg/ml. anything higher than these values should be monitored and must be informed to your physician. 

What causes high estrogen in men are a few inevitable and manageable factors.

Let’s discuss a few of them. 

  1. Aging is the common factor that has a major impact on hormonal changes. As men age, their estrogen levels begin to rise with the reduction of testosterone hormone. This condition is certainly inevitable unless someone has been managing their diet through natural estrogen blockers. 

  2. The role of Aromatase enzyme levels is crucial in this, Aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen and this is a serious problem that can occur upon sedentary lifestyle choices with no physical exercise. The development of aromatase enzymes can be fatal that poses a great threat to the body. 

  3. Stress is the common stimulator of estrogen levels in men. The cortisol hormone is behind all this that suppresses the testosterone levels as well that contributes to further estrogen enhancement. 

  4. Diet impacts estrogen in men, consumption of excess carbohydrates is known to increase body fat by disrupting the hormonal cycle. This involves the development of estrogen hormone in men due to which they also start emotional or stress-eating. 

  5. Some toxic chemicals emitted from plastics, cosmetic products, and heavy metals contain a high number of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds that are generally called Xenoestrogens that increase the estrogen in men. 

How to Lower Estrogen?

There are a few pharmaceutical options called estrogen blockers or SERMs that are used to treat high levels of estrogen in men. The medications are used to treat various male conditions such as low testosterone-induced infertility, low sperm count, osteoporosis, gynecomastia.

Estrogen blockers are also used by females for breast cancer. 

Some pharmaceutical estrogen lowering agents are Tamoxifen, Anastrozole, Letrozole, and Raloxifene. The list of dangerous side effects after these medications is also reported by the users due to which these are only taken as the final treatment if other treatments have failed.

Symptoms of High Estrogen in Men

Men have to go through some embarrassing and life-wrecking symptoms after having high levels of estrogen which are:

  • Gynecomastia: One of the awkward male conditions where the levels of estrogen are so high they develop breast-like tissues on a male chest. This abnormal growth of breast fat tissues is obnoxious-looking as well as dangerous. 

  • Infertility: High levels of estrogen in men leads to decreased sperm production which is everything men needs for having perfect sexual intercourse. This means the rate at which you usually become sexually active will be stretched to a long time. 

  • ED (Erectile Dysfunction): Estrogen in high levels also affects the penile erection in men. This commonly occurs in low testosterone levels. 

  • Low HGH Levels: This leads to a slow growth rate that might be causing delayed puberty. 

Other symptoms of high estrogen in men are over-exhaustion, reduced sex drive, and sperm count, muscle mass loss, hair loss, hot flashes, and loss of bone density. It is also stated that high estrogen could affect men’s ability to concentrate and focus. 

Effects of Estrogen on Male Body

According to various legit and fully-funded studies, the exact role of estrogen in the area of male sexuality isn’t so clear. But few points can elaborate this. 

  • This is the perplexing balance of testosterone hormone along with estradiol and aromatase enzyme in the penis and the brain which confirms there is a highly regulated hormonal system of estrogen in males. 

  • The topographic locations of Estrogen and Aromatase in the brain are of the pheromones which makes it clear that estrogen takes a considerable part in shaping early puberty and sexual behavior during adulthood. 

  • One of the effects of estrogen on the male body is the regulation of sex drive and serotonin levels. This also looks after the mental state and proper cognition. 

  • While going through testosterone replacement therapy, it is important to keep the levels of estradiol in men, not below 5ng/dl. Below these levels, chances of decreased libido are possible. 

How to Reduce Estrogen Naturally

Natural ways to reduce estrogen in men have been used for a long time. Most of them have been regarded by the old-fashioned names given to these herbs. 

  1. Maca Root: Maca is the type of Cruciferous plant mainly grows in Peru, Maca Root Extract has many positive effects on male fertility and supports estrogen blocking activity. Maca is full of beneficial vitamins and nutrients that are proven scientifically to play an important in hormone regulation. 

  2. Wild Nettle Root: Many natural medications to treat prostate conditions have the extract of Wild Nettle Root, the compounds inside the plant are stronger anti-estrogen that upon regular supplementation hold the potency to treat Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. 

  3. Grape Seeds: The compounds found in grape seed extracts are similar to the aromatase inhibitors that are given to females with the irregular menstrual cycle and breast cancer. 

  4. Chrysin: One of the popular bio-flavonoid found in honey and passionflower. The supporters argue that it blocks estrogen by increasing testosterone in men. 

Best Estrogen Blocker for Men

Estrogen blockers for men are the type of supplements that are available over the counter. These supplements act upon the testosterone hormones level and boost its level which significantly drops the estrogen hormone in men. Natural testosterone boosters are like estrogen blockers for bodybuilding that accompany males with testosterone deficiency to support their muscle mass growth and libido. 

 The best estrogen blockers on the market in 2021 should be selected according to the number of natural ingredients found to block estrogen. 

How to Lower Estrogen Levels with Supplements?

Estrogen dominance is a physiological condition in males which can be dealt with using special forms of supplement. Adding a few estrogen blockers to your diet performs a vast expansion of estrogen deactivation and clears out its excess levels. Health care providers around the world recommend the use of the following components in your diet or anti-estrogen supplements. 

  • Diindolylmethane (DIM): DIM is the most potent and fast-acting compound against Estrogen Dominance. The compound is derived from Indole-3-Carbibol which is found in many cruciferous vegetables and herbs. DIM is recommended when there are high estrogen levels in men or low testosterone levels are harming the body indirectly. DIM supplements pose no harm against normal hormonal and biochemical functions and like many medications natural estrogen lowering supplements need no prescription or doctor’s recommendation.

  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): According to the clinical guidelines about vitamin b6, it supports the production of progesterone hormone which is devoid of high estrogenic content. This improves the ratio of estrogen to progesterone balance which helps out in conditions like Estrogen Dominance. 

  • Vitamin B Complex + Magnesium: These two compounds in merger improve the liver functions especially the detoxification process performed by it. 

  • Probiotic Supplements: A Healthy and gut-friendly microbiome is considered beneficial for lowering estrogen levels in men. 

Best DIM Supplement for Men

Excess of estrogen can lead to problems like Gynecomastia and Infertility in Men. With man-boobs, if a man loses his sexual drive with low bedroom performance, this could be unleashing havoc with extra belly fat. DIM 3X formula introduced by the PrimeGENIX helps men reduce the amount of active estrogen and provide the best DIM support for bodybuilding. 

About DIM 3X

The search for how to lower estrogen levels in men is finally here with potential results.

DIM 3X is the best natural supplement designed for men with high estrogen levels and poor testosterone hormone. The imbalance between the two of them leads to muscle mass deficiency which prevents some men from getting perfect bodybuilding results. 

DIM 3X formula provides the perfect dose of 3, 3’-Diindolylmethane which does not eliminate the estrogen from the body but rather works on maintaining a perfect hormonal balance. This happens by the conversion of bad estrogen (16-alpha-hydroxy estrone) into good estrogen which is 2-hydroxy estrone.

The additional mechanism of DIM 3X is to prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT or Estrogen which is achieved by blocking the Aromatase Enzyme. Non-toxic, 100% natural, and non-GMO ingredients make up DIM 3X formula that has support from several scientific studies.

How DIM 3X Decreases High Estrogen in Men

DIM 3X is an easy-to-use formula that can be paired with your daily routine. After 2 weeks of supplementation, users revealed astonishing results which grew in potential over time. DIM 3X deals with superior quality ingredients and supports the gradual progressive changes for bodybuilding. 

The formula combined DIM and Vitamin E that are synergistically best for extra hormonal support. DIM 3X shares an extensively fast bioavailability of the ingredients that provide maximum results within 2 weeks. 

Here is what DIM 3X estrogen blocker can do. 

  • Reduce Active Estrogen- Uplifts the Mood

Your mood is regulated by the influence of multiple hormones i.e. serotonin, dopamine which is secreted in the brain. High levels of estrogen in men affect brain health and therefore cause mood swings and elevated anxiety in individuals. Men get to experience symptoms as females do experience during their Pre-Menopausal times. 

Estrogen dominance disrupts the mood and leads to intense sad behavior at times. This even made some people think of themselves as total losers and failures which is nothing but minor hormonal fluctuations inside their brains. 

DIM 3X regulates the estrogen imbalance perfectly and it gets your emotions on track. With a better mood and stopped mood swings, you could gain whole new confidence levels and whatever your motives are towards life will be clearer without blind spots. 

  • Support High Energy Levels

Estrogen rise is directly proportional to the energy decline in men, this is bad news for men who perform the workout and becomes sluggish all of in sudden. The lowered testosterone levels are the result of estrogen levels enehancment which delays the muscle recovery time and interrupts the sleep cycle. 

DIM 3X energy-boosting compounds like DIM and AstraGin supports daily workout by increasing energy production. The direct influence on testosterone hormone boost makes it easier for men to feel energetic than the day before.

  • Low Estrogen Induced Fat Loss

Visible weight loss is observed after you start using DIM 3X Dual Patented Formula. Most men experience weight gain when they are diagnosed with high estrogen levels, plus man-boob formation occurs at the same time. Due to this hormonal fluctuation, the body loses its ability to turn down the fat tissues into energy most end up feeling sluggish. 

DIM 3X gets your hormonal system in check and supports belly fat loss since high energy levels lead to a potential workout that will eliminate extra fat from the overall body. 

  • Increased Strength and Stamina

Estrogen dominance makes men less manly because they have lack of stamina and strength. Not them but their muscles devoid of the complete action potential results that make them work out for longer. DIM 3X supports healthy and free testosterone levels which found out effective to boost endurance and stamina. DIM 3X users notice muscle mass growth and better physical workout completing a single supplement cycle. 

PrimeGENIX DIM 3X List of Estrogen Blockers

DIM 3X ingredients are completely natural and without any risk of adverse effects.

Let’s take a brief look at them. 

  1. Diindolylmethane 

DIM is the active ingredient in DIM 3X which is also the best estrogen blocker for men. Its primary function is to keep the hormonal imbalance in check and boost the estrogen conversion to testosterone hormone, pronto!

  1. AstraGin

AstraGin is the herbal combination of Panax Notoginseng and Astragalus Membranaceus which helps with the sex drive boost, keeps the microbiome levels optimum, and increases the absorption rate of the ingredients. 

  1. BioPerine

One of the finest compounds in black pepper, Bioperine is noticeably found in the best testosterone boosters to reduce estrogen in men. BioPerine also supports the bioavailability of the DIM 3X ingredients. 

  1. Vitamin E 

Vitamin E is the major component in DIM 3X formula which provides the strongest form of antioxidants required for hormonal support. In most elderly men, increased levels of estrogen occur due to the impairment of Vitamin E in their diet. 

Estrogen Blocker Steroids vs DIM 3X

Armidex is an estrogen-blocking steroid that is also a treatment for breast cancer. The medicine is also given to the bodybuilders to nullify the side effects of anabolic steroids for bodybuilding. The effects of Armidex are rapid but it can also cause severe side effects due to the prolonged hormone production disturbance.

Some side effects of estrogen blocker steroids are:

  • Excessive joint pain

  • Hot flashes

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Weakness

In comparison, DIM 3X is a natural formula that doesn’t act like estrogen blocker steroids, so it doesn’t have any side effects. The only thing that estrogen blocker compounds do is cause sudden estrogen deficiency which again, can be a kick-start point for several side effects. 

Is DIM 3X Legal to Buy?

DIM 3X is a natural estrogen blocker that has never been banned in the US. Apparently, dozens of estrogen blockers are available online with only a few of them proven effective by the users. The company to some anti-estrogen supplements are still unknown and DIM 3X totally justifies its legality. 

PrimeGENIX’s official website is currently marketing and dealing with DIM 3X purchases.

Leading Edge Health is behind PrimeGENIX which introduced the affordable pricing of the DIM 3X supplement.

  • One month supply of DIM 3X: $59.95

  • Three months’ supply of DIM 3X: $119.95

  • Six months DIM 3X supply: $199.95

Does DIM 3X Reduce Symptoms of High Estrogen in Men?

PrimeGENIX DIM 3X is the best treatment for men over age 40 to balance their hormones.

Lowering estrogen while increasing testosterone is another solution to reduce symptoms of high estrogen in men. Testosterone boost in men leads to an increased quality of life, improved sex drive, and bedroom performance that also benefit their bodybuilding efforts. For a balanced and youthful life, it is said to have more testosterone than estrogen for men.

When the flourished levels of androgen hormones are achieved, symptoms like gynecomastia will also be treated via reduction of the excess breast tissues. Erectile dysfunction could go reverse and men could start having enormous erections once again!

Natural therapy for estrogen reduction is painless and it has no drawbacks like unwanted effects afterward.

Here is a picture of what DIM 3X benefits are like. 

  • Highlighted reduced estrogen in the blood

  • Blocked aromatase enzyme- skyrocket testosterone production

  • Boost muscle growth potentials

  • Increased energy, mental focus, mood, and confidence

FINAL Results – How to Decrease Estrogen?

Estrogen blocker medications are not the right choice when it comes to treating high estrogen in men safely. Reported side effects of the estrogen blockers are less sound and safe than the natural ones. 

Effects of estrogen on the male body can be devastating, how to decrease estrogen is not an unsolvable query anymore. DIM supplements are thought best for the job and among these supplements, DIM 3X stands SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

The best estrogen blockers are mostly created for men who react indifferently when this hormone rises to its peak. Females react differently to estrogen than men and they get to use the estrogen blockers in rate conditions where it poses danger to the hormonal levels. 

DIM 3X is the safest dual patented formula to reduce active estrogen markedly and support male performance in everyday routine.