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Always losing your keys? The Apple AirTag can be used to find lost items

Apple now has AirTags that can be attached to anything. The Find My app on iPhone will then locate the item.

The AirTag is only $29 and works by using Bluetooth. The tracker can be attached to things like keys and then located when using the Find My network.

The tracker will also work to stop someone from using it without someone else’s permission. The AirTag will be updated to play an alert when separated from its owner. Apple will also create an Android version to help users know when someone else’s AirTag is moving with them.

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A four pack of AirTags is $99, with cases like keyrings sold separately. The tags are small, around the size of a coin, and waterproof.

Batteries last about a year and are easily replaced. Your iPhone will be notified when it gets low.

There are also ways for people who locate a lot AirTag to go to a website and communicate with you. Nobody can see where an AirTag is except you and no data is stored in the AirTag.

If someone “plants” an AirTag on another person without them knowing, it will play a notification sound when it starts to move so the person can find it and disable it.

Using Apple AirTags on kids or pets isn’t much use, because they’re designed to find lost items and also designed to deter tracking of other people.

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