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Will Americans get a fourth stimulus check? What to know about future stimulus payments in 2022

Stimulus checks were given to Americans as a way to boost the economy and help Americans desperately in need of financial help.

Now that 2021 is coming to an end, what does that mean for stimulus checks and the future?

Many Americans are actually owed $1,400 dollars and will not be paid until 2022. Anyone who added a new baby to their family in 2021 is owed that $1,400 with their 2021 tax return.

California and other states are still doing stimulus packages for their state’s residents.

California expects to send out nine million Golden State Stimulus II checks, while 4.5 million are still owed $1,100 from the state in checks from the first round.

A third round for California has not been announced, but it is not out of the realm out reality.

Florida is also giving its residents who are teachers stimulus checks worth $1,000, and Connecticut is giving residents that join work after 8 weeks off unemployment $1,000.

It is unlikely America as a whole will see another stimulus check like the ones in 2021.

Though Americans got the last round of $1,400 checks, all Republicans in Congress had voted against it.

The Biden administration also appeared to make it clear they weren’t in favor of another round of checks, stating that they “were not free.”

In order for stimulus checks to happen again, a catastrophic event like a pandemic or recession would need to take place.

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