Is Shiba Inu cryptocurrency coin coming to Robinhood? What is the price?

Shiba Inu is the latest form of popular cryptocurrency modeled after Dogecoin. The goal of the currency is to actually become more popular and expensive than Dogecoin.

Robinhood currently works to allow users to trade stocks on the stock market. While the stock market is risky, cryptocurrency is even riskier and an investor could lose all of their money.

Rumors are now swirling that Shiba Inu may be traded on Robinhood. A petition was launched on Robinhood in support of the idea.

Robinhood launched in 2013 and is a commission-free stock trading app. The petition to bring Shiba Inu to the app had over 300,000 signatures on Oct. 14.

CoinMomo, a cryptocurrency analyst website, actually said the coin would be available on Robinhood Oct. 25, but the page is no longer available.

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