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Do you need the COVID-19 vaccine to qualify for social security?

Recently someone left a comment on a TikTok that stated people who “don’t comply” with getting the COVID-19 vaccine that are on social security, they will not be able to get their money.

Facebook has been working hard in an attempt to stop false information from spreading, and this TikTok found its way to Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

Politifact with the Poynter Institute reported that the statement was in fact, entirely false.

The comment was made on a video of Senator Rick Scott making comments on the Senate floor Oct. 19. He touched on a bill he introduced that would not allow requiring anyone to be vaccinated to receive social security.

The issue was, there is no such law, bill, or even attempt at relating vaccine status with social security benefits.

Senator Ron Wyden stated that the attempt was for political gain and to scare Americans.

Scott replied by saying by not defending his bill, despite him acknowledging there is no bill that would require vaccines for social security, it implies that people think it’s okay for the government to use social security as leverage to require vaccines.

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