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Governor Kathy Hochul continues to push for progress with COVID-19 and vaccines with full transparency

The newest effort Governor Kathy Hochul is putting in to help fulfill the promise of transparency regarding COVID-19 is a tracking website.

The website will give the public a better look into deaths and positive cases throughout New York directly related to COVID-19.

The site includes testing data, breakthrough data, and variant data over time. The site can be viewed here.

Public records have been made more accessible at the local government level for those wishing to find more information.

Hochul also plans to meet with pediatricians and school officials to do whatever it takes for children to get the COVID vaccine when that time comes.

Hochul says she’s in touch with superintendents and wants the vaccine offered within schools. She went as far as saying her team could provide the forms and approval slips necessary for something like that.

The overall goal for Hochul is to have the most transparent administration in the history of New York State.