Why online casino is the best option for the players in 2021

The gambling industry has been significantly growing over the last few years and this was still the case despite a pandemic. Last year, the industry was estimated to be worth 711 billion USD and it is projected to grow up to USD 876 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 3.6 percent.

There are many ways for people to gamble today but what seems to be contributing a lot to the growth of the industry is its online sector. Last year, the online segment of the industry is estimated to account for 64.13 billion USD and this is also set to grow up to 70.2 billion before this year ends. Its CAGR is at 12.3 percent and with that, this segment is surely growing fast.

There are a few great reasons why online casino gaming is on the rise like being able to play live casino online by 10CRIC and enjoying generous bonuses. Want to know more? Here are the reasons why many people are starting to gamble online.

  • Accessibility

The internet has simply made gambling easier to access. There is no need to go to a gambling establishment to enjoy a quick game of poker, blackjack, or slots. You don’t even have to leave the bed to enjoy playing any real money game. These days, you can just use your smartphone and download a betting app that has everything you need: casino games and event betting.

While more and more countries are starting to regulate gambling activities, there are still some places that do not allow gambling establishments in their territories. However, many of these places don’t exactly have anything in place for online gambling and with that, locals can just go on casino sites based offshore to enjoy playing real money games without any limits.

  • Safe and Secure

Back in the day, many people have been hesitant about playing at online casinos. They were mainly concerned about their safety but these days, it’s not much of a problem anymore. Casino sites ensure the safety of their customers by using the latest security algorithms like data encryption.

Generally, it’s now safe to make online transactions and purchases. When it comes to casino gaming, you just have to make sure that you will only be dealing with licensed and reputable operators. Avoid unlicensed casinos at all costs to avoid getting any problems.

  • Hard to Believe Bonuses

Online casino operators are also known for how generous they could be when it comes to bonuses. With a growing industry, the competition is tough and they’d surely do a lot to score more new customers and keep the old ones loyal. Many of them do so by offering ridiculously good bonuses that could go up as much as 100 percent. Some sites even promise as much as 300 percent.

Generally, any casino bonus is worth getting but to be sure that you get the most out of it, make sure to read the fine print. Operators do promise a bonus of up to a hundred percent but most of them cap the value of what you can get. This is why you always have to be sure to check on this.

  • Options, options, options!

Sure, visiting a land casino is an experience of its own but if you can only really visit one place, it means that you’re stuck with whatever that place is offering. This is something you don’t have to deal with if you just go online. It will be easy to hop from one casino site to another which leaves you a sea of options when it comes to game variety.

Aside from being presented with tons of gaming selections, you will also find that online casinos have plenty of options too when it comes to payment solutions. Casino sites get that what’s convenient for one may not be convenient for another and this is why they have plenty of payment methods that you can use including the use of credit or debit cards, digital or mobile wallets (Skrill, PayPal, Neteller), and even cryptocurrencies.


Overall, what makes online casinos the best option for players is the convenience that they can give. While it’s fun to go to casinos or gambling establishments from time to time, it’s not that sustainable. When visiting gambling hotspots like the Atlantic City and Las Vegas, it could be an expensive trip. This is something that you can easily avoid if you play online.