Games you can play on your phone while traveling

Traveling is great. You visit new cultures, make new friends, and create new memories.

But traveling can be a bit of a drag when you’re waiting for a connecting flight, coach or train. That’s why playing games on your phone can be a great idea, as it gives you something to do during those times between destinations.

We’ve highlighted four great games you can play on your phone, including two sports options and two games of chance. Read our recommendations, get the games and give yourself a fun pastime while you’re traveling.

Games you can play on your phone while traveling


There’s a case to be made for lottery games being the most popular type of gambling on the planet. The lottery is in a rare position of being a gambling game that enjoys popular acceptance in many countries, tracing its history back hundreds of years in some nations.

If you’re traveling and looking for something to pass the time then playing the lottery could be a profitable choice.

Lottery games are pure chance. You pick your numbers and hope your balls drop. There’s no grand strategy for playing the lottery and this is part of the appeal as a traveler. Why? Because it’s background entertainment.

Interested in playing lottery games and want to know how to buy lottery tickets online? It’s simple. Visit a noted website, such as PlayUSALotteries, follow the ordering process, pick your balls and cross your fingers!


Football is the BIGGEST game in the USA. Period. People enjoy college football teams like Cornell Big Red and NFL sides like the Green Bay Packers, so there are plenty of teams to follow. Football is well over twice as popular as the second most-liked sport in America, with its record viewing figures of 111.9 million vastly ahead of baseball’s peak of 40 million.

If you’re traveling and want something to remind you of the U.S. then playing a football game on your phone could help.

Football games are about action. You choose your team and then battle against your opponent. You need to use skill, grit, and energy and this level of engagement is appealing as a traveler. Why? Because it’s something exciting while you wait for your flight.

Thinking of playing football games and want to know how to get started on your mobile? It’s easy. Pick a great game, like Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football, download the game, choose your team, and get started!


Poker is quite possibly the most popular card game on the planet. It’s played all over the world by casual gamers, amateur enthusiasts, and pro competitors alike. Indeed, it’s believed around 100 million people play online poker, with 60% of those players being in the States.

If you’re traveling and want to play a global game that’s enjoyed by millions of your fellow Americans then poker could be a great shout.

Poker games are a great blend of strategy and chance. You require knowledge of the game you’re playing, the ability to read your opponents, and a slice of luck. This combination of qualities is appealing as a traveler. Why? Because it gives you something to focus on during those transitional hours.

Considering playing poker games on your phone and want to know how to buy your seat at a table online? It’s a breeze. Select a top site, such as PokerStars, complete the sign-up procedure, choose your table, and put your gameplay into practice!


Football might be the most popular sport in the U.S. but it’s not even close to being the most followed on the planet. Football’s estimated fans number 400 million, which is a long way behind soccer’s predicted fanbase of 3.5 billion. This is unsurprising when there are so many sides to pick from, with Argentinian teams like River Plate or UK clubs like Man Utd.

If you’re traveling and want to play a game that will ingratiate you with the locals then soccer may be a sensible choice.

Soccer games range from those focussed on in-game play to ones geared towards management. Both are great but management games are better for boosting your knowledge of soccer because they’re more data-led. This data-led focus is ideal as a traveler. Why? Because you’ll learn more about soccer and be able to have better chats with locals.

Giving thought to playing soccer games and wishing to know how you can do so on your phone? It’s straightforward. Find a top game, like Football Manager 2021, get the game, pick your team and get things going!

Lottery, football, poker, and soccer games are all great for playing on your phone while traveling. They each offer something a little different but all of them are great forms of entertainment that’ll keep you busy while you’re waiting for your flight, coach or train.

So, download the games we’ve recommended and visit the sites we’ve highlighted. Once you’ve done this then you should spend a little bit of time learning the rules of the games before getting down to the fun part — playing them!