Female Bodybuilders: Best female bodybuilding steroids and SARMs for sale

Female bodybuilding was admired by many sports enthusiasts since the beginning. The reason why female bodybuilding came into formation wasn’t because of chance but some gender equalizers like Henry McGhee and other employees believed that females should get the same chance as men. This involved the special women who showed their body and physique best for lifting weight just like men’s. Click Here to Buy Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Women

Compared to the beauty contest of females, the bodybuilding competition of women was quite different. The first event for female bodybuilding was held in 1977 where Gina LaSpina won the first competition. Her lean body shape and proper distribution of the muscles made it clear that female bodybuilding is going to be an evolving sport that is the same as now.

Female Bodybuilders

The first Miss Olympia competition for female bodybuilders was recognized by both Federation of International Bodybuilders and the National Physique Committee in 1980. Before this happened, females were not allowed to wear high heels either wear anything that show their muscles.

The first Miss Olympia didn’t wear high heels though but she did a hell of a flex and bodybuilding pose. Modern standards for female bodybuilders are very much unlike what there used to be, that’s why women who are considered muscular aren’t that much muscular from the latest standards.

Top Female Bodybuilders

In 2021, the sense for female bodybuilding has been sophisticated than what used to be. Before this, female bodybuilders used to have steroids and supplements that were banned, just to create the physique they were famous for.

The top 3 female bodybuilders with their steroids of choice are mentioned below.

  1. Chyna

Regarded as one of the biggest female bodybuilders in the world, Joan Marie Laurer was an American bodybuilder who took the wheels of changes in 1997 by becoming a professional female wrestler in WWF. Chyna had won so many competitions where the New Japan Pro Wrestling competition in 2002 and total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2011 were notable ones. Besides her bodybuilding and wrestling career, Chyna also appeared in some Playboy magazines and other television shows. This made her famous worldwide and her legacy is still alive in female bodybuilding. According to the bodybuilding experts, Chyna deserves the top place among the top 10 greatest female bodybuilders of all time.

Chyna Female Bodybuilding Steroids

Chyna was rumored to use male hormones as steroids, these were simply HGH and Testosterone which made her strongest in the rings with all large muscles and extraordinary strength. Chyna easily threw out men from the ring who used to weigh around 200 pounds and that’s something not every female bodybuilder can do. Chyna was given the title “9th Wonder of the Wonder” as her strength level and endurance were uncanny, giving her an advantage over other women wrestlers or bodybuilders.

  1. Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass is also known as the Sexy Female Bodybuilder who was mostly celebrated in the US from1980-1990. Nicole Bass was a part of many well-known bodybuilding and wrestling competitions such as Extreme Championship Wrestling, XPW, National Wrestling Alliance, and WWF. In 1997, Nicole Bass won the National Bodybuilding Championship. Nowadays, Nicole Bass provides personal training to women who wants to pursue as a bodybuilder, since her name is tagged with extreme bodybuilding, she is listed as the sexiest WWE female wrestler.

Nicole Bass Steroids

Nicole Bass used many steroids that are strict to develop high-quality muscle mass with minimal water retention. The steroids were Winstrol, Anavar, and Primobolan, these are regarded as the best female steroids for bodybuilding and they are highly expensive anabolic compounds in today’s market. Anavar provides the rigidity in the muscles while Anavar keeps the lean muscle mass intact, Primobolan is used by female bodybuilders to get the immense strength level and agility.

  1. Lisa Marrie Varon

Speaking of extreme female bodybuilding, Lisa Marie Varon who also known by the name Victoria is a professional wrestler. She started her bodybuilding career in 1997 and directly went to WWE and became WWE Women’s Champion not once but twice. Victoria won the championship 5 times and in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, she won one championship. Lisa Marie Varon studied medicine and biology in school, she used to work at the eye and tissue bank from where she started teaching aerobics to females and eventually pursued her career in professional bodybuilding. She grabbed the bodybuilding competition offer immediately and she held 2nd place in the top greatest list of female bodybuilders of all time. According to rumors, LMV was vouched by WWF start Chyna who advised her to join female wrestling.

Lisa Marrie Varon Steroids

One of the steroids that Victoria uses is the one that female bodybuilders use continuously. Clenbuterol is the popular anabolic steroid for Asthma which is also known to induce thermogenesis in the body to burn excessive amounts of fat tissues. Also, Cytomel and Anavar burn fat rapidly and deliver extreme power to the muscles.

Best Female Bodybuilder Steroids

Steroids are strictly prohibited in the field of bodybuilding but again, who doesn’t want extra advantage? Female steroids are limited in number because most anabolic compounds are designed to work like the male hormone testosterone.

Female Bodybuilding Cycle

Steroid female bodybuilding is available in different forms, so they have different dosages.

  • Anavar Cycle comprised of 5 weeks cycle in which the 1st-week dose should be 5mg/day, the rest of the four weeks, 10mg/day dosage is advised according to the experts. This is a simple woman cutting cycle especially for the ones who never used Anavar before. In the middle of the cycle, women also noticed a remarkable decline in natural testosterone levels and negative blood lipid profile.

  • Winstrol female bodybuilding cycle is of 8 weeks, the dosage should be 5mg/day for the whole 8-week cycle and that’s adequate for perfect gains and trimming down the body fat.

  • Anadrol Cycle for females says they should use 12.5mg/day dose for 2 weeks, after this rest of the 4 weeks 25mg/day dose would run. Some females also stay on the 12.5mg dosage which poses no danger and no enhanced benefits either.

  • Primobolan Cycle for female bodybuilding says that the cycle should be 6 weeks long. The cycle is divided into 2 dosage forms, the first 3 weeks the dosage of Primobolan is 50mg/day while the 4th, 5th, and 6th weeks will have 75mg/day as the perfect dose to elevate the after results. It is best to observe if Primobolan is well-tolerated by females during the 4 weeks, if it is then the dosage should exceed 75mg/day for the rest of the weeks.

Best Steroids for Female Bodybuilding

Fortunately, there are few steroids that female bodybuilders are using and they aren’t without the side effects either.

  1. Anavar

The popular female steroid for high gains and chiseled physical transformation, Oxandrolone is also regarded as a “girl steroid” because women seem so happy with the results. Anavar is the best candidate for female bodybuilding because it’s a mild-acting steroid that is tolerable for both men and women.

Usually, when women use steroids they have to encounter the virilization side effects, but that’s not the case with Anavar as women keep the high gains without any side effects. Upon Anavar abuse, some females also develop virilization-induced side effects.

Mild consumption of Anavar steroid is enough to develop lean muscle mass with noticeable fat-burning effects. A 5 week Anavar cycle could lead to 5kg muscle mass gain and a significant number of fat tissues being wiped off. Anavar cycle length should be of 6 weeks in which females can take 5-10mg of dose with great results. Exceeding a 10mg dose is dangerous as it might be causing side effects in females, some women even responded well to Anavar 2.5mg/day dose.

Anavar female bodybuilder steroids Before and After Results

Female bodybuilders who took Anavar in 10mg dose for 5 weeks noticed not so many side effects but there were certain improvements in the body tone and leanness.

  1. Anadrol

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is an oral steroid that is used to increase bulking results. Some experts say Anadrol is not a fair choice for female bodybuilders because most of the side effects are androgenic. The latest studies however tell the users that Anadrol side effects in men and female varies.

Anadrol is the only steroid that is suggested for females in larger doses without experiencing virilization. In a study, females were given 150mg Anadrol dose for 30 days and none of them noticed the androgenic side effects i.e. masculinization. The 150mg per day dose of Anadrol is by far the largest quantity for female bodybuilders, that is 6 times more than 25mg of dose and 3 times larger than what male bodybuilders use. The side effects of using 150mg Anadrol is increased fatigue and decreased micro levels of testosterone production.

One of the theories that demonstrate why Anadrol is sufficiently tolerable by females bodybuilders is with the increased production of testosterone, Anadrol also impacts the rise of estrogen level remarkably. This balancing of testosterone and estrogen avoids the side effect of Virilization. Anadrol does not bind to the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin receptors which increase the t-levels in men, hence not causing testosterone levels to rise in females.

Anadrol female bodybuilder steroids Before and After Results

Anadrol is well-tolerated by female bodybuilders and from a single cycle, they could achieve mesmerizing results. Increased strength alone is the best outcome of an Anadrol steroid that women from the bodybuilding field find useful. Another Anadrol result is a large amount of lean mass being developed with maximum weight loss from the muscle’s surface.

  1. Winstrol (Stanozolol)

Winstrol is sometimes reffered to as a female steroid but in real it’s not suitable for women. This is because Winstrol binds strongly with the SHBG that puts them to risk of Virilization. Winstrol is safer for females when it is used in low doses. It’s a powerful anabolic steroid for women which is only a 5mg dose that could lead to maximized gains.

Winstrol is an oral steroid so taking 2 capsules of it is considered safe. 2 capsules of Winstrol is enough to eliminate the side effects while keeping the high levels of testosterone aside. Taking a single-time dose is less useful than you split them into 2 divided dosage forms.

Winstrol female bodybuilder steroids Before and After Results

Single-cycle of Winstrol could lead to a leaner body and maximum weight loss. Winstrol contributes to add lean muscle mass to females while increasing their size and make them look stronger.

  1. Primobolan

Out of every female steroid, Primobolan is considered with the least androgenic properties. The androgenic rating of Primobolan is 44-57 which has a very low risk for virilization. Primobolan is available in both oral and injection forms and the mechanism is to accelerate the fat burning effects in the body (lipolysis).

Primobolan results in lean muscle gain because of how it retains the nitrogen in the muscles which help stimulate protein synthesis.

Primobolan is used by men as a cutting steroid but this is used as bulking steroid for female bodybuilders. The common dose of Primobolan for females is 50-75mg daily for a maximum of 8 weeks. The gains by Primobolan occur gradually and it eliminates the subcutaneous fat simultaneously.

About Primobolan safety, it is available in oral form just like Anavar but like Anavar, Primobolan doesn’t cause hepatic conditions and poses no dangers to the liver. The benefit of using Primobolan injection is it doesn’t have any negative side effects on the cholesterol profile. The blood pressure after using Primobolan injections rises to higher levels and this should be monitored during the cycle.

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Best SARMs for Women in 2021

What are Sarms? Are they similar to steroids?

Female bodybuilders are often caught using sarms as they work selectively. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (Sarms) are strictly modified compounds that are not involved with many alterations of the androgenic receptors, except for a few. Indeed, Sarms are a safer choice than steroids but should female bodybuilders use them? That’s a dilemma!

Female Bodybuilding Sarms

Here are the top Sarms for females listed with their precise effect on female bodybuilding.

  1. Cardarine for Women

Cardarine (GW501516) is widely used in bodybuilding but it doesn’t contribute to exceeding gain. Cardarine is not exactly a Sarm but it mimic like one, to be pharmacologically precise, Cardarine is a PPA receptor agonist which is used to improve cardiovascular performance and deliver results to the body like faster recovery, surpassing endurance, and maximum fat burn.

  1. Ostarine for Women

Ostarine (MK-2866) is the oldest Sarm and mild in the effect. Female bodybuilders are advised to take a small dose of Ostarine as compared to male bodybuilders. Ostarine holds the power to wipe off the fat and the before and after results are more displayed on females than men.

  1. Andarine for Female Bodybuilders

Andarine (S-4) is a holistic supplement for a female that works under lower doses. Andarine is ideal for maintaining muscle mass and it delivers the extreme amount of strength in the system that delivers results like:

  • Performance boost

  • Libido exceeds

  • Development of lean mass

  • NO retention

  1. Stenabolic for Female Bodybuilders

Stenabolics (SR-9009) for female bodybuilders is useful because it belongs to the REV-ERB agonist class of drugs. SR-9009 has the metabolism boosting effects that put on lean mass rapidly than steroids. Stenabolic also improves physical performance and to shortens the recovery times during competing.

Best Sarms for female bodybuilding also involves YK-677 which is recommended for skinny women. YK-677 increases the appetite in a person and also leads to maximum water retention which is something bulking cycle for females demands. YK-677 is not the perfect Sarm for female bodybuilders if they have a trimmed physique, perfect waistline, and lean muscle mass on their minds.

Female bodybuilding before and after

Female bodybuilders who are taking steroids will differ in results from those who have been taking Sarms. These variations also depend on the cycle length and dosage which they added to their regimen. Both steroids and Sarms works tremendously on female bodybuilders as most of them have gotten the perfect definition of muscle mass with increased strength and core power.

After doing a couple of cycles, female bodybuilders tend to become toned physically with their cardio performance escalated quickly. When you take a look at professional female wrestlers and bodybuilders, they have the competitive advantages in their mind which get you the best results without following the dietary precautions.

Things like this shouldn’t be a part of female bodybuilding as low to moderate doses of Sarms and steroids could deliver less toxic results. With increased muscle size and traps, some females develop masculine traits over time. Although, some steroids and Sarms aren’t proven to cause virilization but doing more than 1 cycle is related to the re-occurrence of the side effects.

Best Female Bodybuilding Steroids and Sarms Alternative in 2021

Best legal steroids for females are available just like they are available for men. The concept about making the steroid’s alternative is to skip the side effects while getting all the before and after results.

Some popular alternatives to Female Bodybuilding Steroids and Sarms are:

  1. Anvarol (Legal Anavar for Female Bodybuilders)

Anvarol is the safest form of Anavar steroid with natural derivatives of the steroids. Anvarol is popular for female bodybuilders as thousands of them are currently on different Crazy Bulk legal supplements. What is really enchanting about Anavar is it works great on female bodybuilders with the promotion in fat loss, energy levels, and endurance. Anvarol is a post-workout supplement with Soy Protein, BCCA, Wild Yam Root Extract, and ATP Disodium in the formulation.

  1. Winsol (Legal Winstrol for Female Bodybuilders)

If you wish to use Winstrol without the negative masculine-derived side effects, choosing Winsol is one of the great decisions!

Winsol formula has the perfect ingredients for female bodybuilders which are Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Choline, Wild Yam Root, DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol), and Safflower Oil. With the help of Winsol, Crazy Bulk guarantees women to break their performance plateaus without muscle injury or strains. Winsol’s before and after results involves extreme strength, perfect body shape, and highlighted physical performance at the end of the 12-week cycle.

  1. Anadrole (Legal Anadrol Steroid for Females)

Andarole is another great addition to legal steroids for female bodybuilders. The perfect Anadrol steroid without the side effects because it has natural ingredients. Anadrole formula comprised Tribulus Terrestris, Soy Protein Isolate, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and Shilajit concentrate which is some popular natural performance-enhancing agents. Anadrole promises greater stamina, endurance, recovery time, and extreme gains within 2 months cycle only.

If you wish to buy legal Sarms for female bodybuilding, consider buying Brutal Force Ostabulk (natural ostarine), Andalean (natural Andarine S-4), YKBulk (legal YK-11), and legal anabolic by the name CUTSR9. All the natural Sarms are designed for male and female bodybuilders to achieve the Sarms results without side effects like Virilization, testosterone suppression, or estrogen accumulation.

Best Female Bodybuilding Steroids and SARMs – Final Verdict

Female bodybuilding has different sets of needs than men because both are operating with different hormones. Testosterone is necessary for male bodybuilding as their body thrives on this hormone particularly. Indeed, all anabolic steroids work as the derivative of testosterone hormone which plays the most important role to develop muscle mass for bodybuilding.

Skipping all the complicated knowledge about the anabolic steroids for female bodybuilding and join the natural venture by ordering legal steroids and Sarms. Around millions of female bodybuilders worldwide are currently using natural sarms and steroids that deliver the best results with no negative effects or harm to the body.