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Catalytic converter thieves are hitting more residences in Rochester; officials discuss best course of action

Catalytic converter thieves are back at it in Rochester, and over the weekend were caught on surveillance stealing a catalytic converter off of a vehicle at a private property.

The man started his car and worried his muffler was damaged before noticing the catalytic converter was missing.

A neighbor’s footage caught a car backing down the road to a driveway before multiple people exited the vehicle to spend the next 6-7 minutes stealing the part.

Last week a bill was tossed out by Monroe County Executive Adam Bello that would have worked to stop the thefts.

Bello told News 10 he was worried the bill would eliminate jobs and spread the crimes out to other areas.

Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter plans to meet with local scrap yards to discuss the sale of used catalytic converters, and said if there’s nobody to buy them it may help diminish the thefts.