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Bail reform is blamed across the state for the uptick in violence

Bail reform was created in an attempt to fight systemic issues geared toward keeping minorities in jail and targeting the poor who couldn’t pay bail for minor infractions.

Many New Yorker’s and even officials seem to believe that bail reform is the culprit for increased violence, but what do the numbers say?

In an analysis completed by the New York Post, out of over 500 shootings, only one suspect had been released on bail reform laws.

Another cause could be the pandemic and stress it’s caused many.

Republicans still accuse former Governor Andrew Cuomo, saying his reform has softened punishments and made getting parole easier.

Assemblymember Anna Kelles says there has been less than a 1% increase in violent crime, and it hasn’t been caused by bail reform.

She blames the loss of housing, support systems, the economy becoming unbalanced and deeply impacting low income families.

A solution isn’t entirely clear to the issue, though gun safety is being discussed.