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Offshore wind could supply a large amount of renewable energy by 2030

Offshore wind may be an energy source for communities to participate in.

Europe utilizes offshore wind and has for over thirty years.

Former DEC Commissioner Joe Martens has been running the New York State Offshore Wind Alliance since 2017, and is stepping down. He believes there is a lot of potential for that source of energy.

At the moment there are two projects in the U.S. offshore in Rhode Island and Virginia.

New York will soon be the leader in the innovative project with five projects currently in development.

The first, called the South Fork Wind Farm, will begin construction next year.

The recently passed Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act has set the goal of the state uses 70% of its electric energy from renewable sources by 2030.

While the state is gaining these projects and they’re likely to meet a part of the goal set for 2030, communities need to agree to have them built somewhere, and many oppose them.