What are full spectrum CBD gummies?

CBD has become all the rage lately. It’s recommended by fitness experts, yogis, therapists, medical doctors and the like. CBD helps many people achieve wellness, and one of their favorite ways of taking CBD is with delicious CBD gummies. But, first, what exactly is CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

What is CBD?

In the grand scheme of things, science has only recently acknowledged the potential wellness properties of cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis and the now-federally legal hemp. CBD is just one of more than 100 cannabinoids, including Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), found in cannabis. When taken together as a whole, CBD with all the cannabinoids found in hemp is called “full spectrum.”

These cannabinoids work with our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to help bring certain systems in the body into balance. All animals have an ECS. The research shows that full spectrum CBD works best because all of the cannabinoids help CBD and the other cannabinoids do their best job within the ECS. This is called the “entourage effect.” If you’re confused about what that term means, it’s like going to a party– it can be fun alone, but it would be more fun when your whole crew is there.

What are full spectrum CBD gummies?

One of the easiest ways to get your dose of CBD is by taking full spectrum CBD gummies. These are generally tasty, fruit flavored bites akin to gummy bears or gummy worms. They are infused with CBD oil and, if you get a good one, they will be naturally flavored, without artificial ingredients.

Gummies are a good way to manage your daily dose of cannabinoids as they generally can be cut in halves or quarters.

Gummies are convenient and discrete. If you ate gummy on a city bus or on the sidewalk of a busy street, no one would think anything of it. In fact, your friends may think you’re eating candy and ask for some too! They’re great for people who have an aversion to taking oils or pills.

One of the ways to maximize the effectiveness of the CBD you’re taking is to take it regularly, at the same time of day and the same dosage. It’s easy to do this with CBD gummies.

Is CBD safe?

CBD is safe to use. You cannot overdose on it. If you have too much CBD, the worst consequences are similar to a hangover: drowsiness, dry mouth, and perhaps loose stools.

Keep in mind, though, that full spectrum CBD gummies and other CBD products could make you fail a drug test. While the THC in full spectrum CBD is tiny, less than 0.3 percent, it could be enough to be detected by a drug test that is testing for THC. Note that some tests, too, test for CBD, in which case, even if you go for a broad spectrum product (one with no THC) or a CBD isolate (only CBD), you could still flag a drug test.

We recommend speaking to Human Resources, or whoever at your workplace is administering the test, before the test. Make them aware that you are taking CBD for your wellness and ask if that will be a problem. If it’s not going to be a problem, do try to get that in writing. If it is, we recommend that you stop taking CBD well before the administration of the test.

Full spectrum CBD gummies are a convenient, delicious way to get the CBD you may need to get your body’s systems back into a place of homeostasis.