NJ Diet Reviews: Doctor supervised weight loss plan

Although weight loss is often touted as a way to get healthy, certain weight loss methods can be hazardous to your health. For instance, if you restrict your calories but aren’t getting enough vitamins and minerals, your health will suffer. This is why it’s important to consult a medical professional before, during, and after undertaking a weight loss journey.

Supervised weight loss plan

Advantages to Following a Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Plan

There are a lot of factors that determine whether you’ll be successful in losing weight, as well as dozens of factors that affect whether you keep the weight off. However, most experts agree that the state of a person’s health before, after, and during a weight loss program will determine whether they achieve their goal. This is why so many diet plans advise consulting a doctor before embarking on their program.

A doctor-supervised weight loss plan means that a medical professional will be available to guide you throughout the weight loss process. This means they will evaluate your health every step of the way to both ensure your success and maintain your health. For example, a doctor may perform a blood test before you start your diet, and if they see that you’re low in iron, they might prescribe supplements to prevent you from becoming anemic.

Is the NJ Diet Doctor-Supervised?

Doctors are an essential part of the NJ Diet plan. For starters, doctors design and oversee all diet plans. Furthermore, they design these plans based on a person’s DNA test results so that the diet will address a client’s gene variants. In this way, NJ Diet participants receive a plan that’s both personalized and approved for safety by a medical professional.

When a person enters the NJ Diet program, they receive their doctor’s phone number and email so that they can reach out to them at any time with questions, comments, or concerns. All participants get reassurance that doctors will answer their inquiries promptly or else arrange an appointment to meet with them in person. Additionally, a doctor monitors each patient twice weekly to ensure that their weight loss is proceeding safely and effectively.

What is the NJ Diet?

The NJ Diet begins with a comprehensive genetic analysis that looks at over 50 specific genetic factors to learn what gene variants are responsible for a person’s weight gain. Doctors will also evaluate an individual’s metabolic age, body mass index, visceral fat, body fat percentage, body water percentage, and bone and muscle mass. Finally, they will conduct a bioenergetic balancing scan to look for imbalances in a person’s body. Then armed with all this information, they will design a meal and supplement plan for the patient. The meal plan comes with recipes to make it easier to follow, and the supplements help detoxify the body of toxins, bacteria, metals, and viruses. Additionally, these supplements help to increase fat burn and balance hormones.

Is the NJ Diet Effective?

According to the NJ Diet website, clients can expect to lose between 20 and 40 pounds in forty days. This is attributed to the fact that the diet and supplement plan allows individuals to burn between 2000 and 7000 calories per day. However, we don’t just have to take NJ Diet’s word for it. A number of NJ Diet reviews speak positively about the results of this doctor-supervised program, with many reviews giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

In addition to the word of former NJ Diet participants, there are scientific studies that show the effectiveness of this program. One such study was performed jointly by Kings College in London and Harvard Medical School in 2018. This study examined 400 non-twin individuals and 700 twin individuals to see how they respond to different dietary inputs. The results demonstrated that people lost weight when people followed diet solutions customized to them.

Another study that shows the effectiveness of NJ Diet’s personalized weight loss solution was undertaken by Stanford University in 2008. This study discovered that women lost 2.5 times more weight on diets tailored to their genetics than those who followed generic diets meant for various people.

How Does the NJ Diet Work?

There are several steps to the NJ Diet program. They are as follows:

Step 1: Patients are assigned an NJ Specialist. The specialist takes samples of the person’s blood, hair, and saliva. They will use these samples to extract DNA so as to conduct testing to determine an individual’s gene variants.

Step 2: Participants will undergo a bioenergetic balancing scan. This scan will look at over 2000 biomarkers. In doing so, the scan can identify any imbalances in the body. If an imbalance is identified, the doctor will prescribe supplements to correct it. In general, an imbalance indicates that a person’s hormones are out of balance, and the body requires a detox from toxins, metals, bacteria, and viruses.

Step 3: A doctor will examine the DNA test results and bioenergetic balancing scan to determine a meal and supplement plan. The supplements they prescribe at this stage will help individuals burn between 2000 and 7000 calories per day.

Step 4: Participants will have forty days to follow their meal and supplement plan. During this time, they will regularly visit their doctor every 10 to 15 days. This will allow the doctor to monitor each patient’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to their program. For example, if the person is losing water weight instead of fat, this indicates that an adjustment is necessary.

Step 5: After the forty days are up, you have the option of extending the program to lose more weight or entering the weight maintenance part of the plan. In the weight maintenance portion of the NJ Diet, participants get a personalized daily calorie goal to follow. This goal helps to ensure that weight loss is maintained. However, if weight gain occurs, patients can use one of their ten correction days to consult with their doctor, who will get them back on track.

What is the Cost of NJ Diet’s Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan?

The total cost of the NJ Diet program varies, but the cost for the initial consultation is $99. However, they are currently offering a special promotion price of $27 for the initial consultation.

Where Is NJ Diet Located?

NJ Diet has 15 locations across the United States. However, they are principally located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Utah, Kansas, and Pennsylvania. Additionally, clients can book a live online video consultation and, in some instances, may be able to do the program virtually.