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After 4.3 million leave the workforce in August, thousands more go on strike demanding better conditions

Thousands of workers across the nation are ready to quit their jobs for better ones, and in August millions of people left the work force.

Businesses and entire industries are struggling to keep employees at a time like this.

10,000 employees went on strike Thursday which close 11 John Deere factories in a number of states.

Workers went on strike after the company failed to meet demands for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Workers feel they’re owed better treatment after Deere & Co. has seen record profits recently.

Healthcare workers are threatening to walk off as well unless their demands for better pay and safer working conditions are met.

The Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees International has also begun discussions of going on strike with 60,000 members which could impact television and film production.

Kellogg’s plants are seeing strikes among their workers too, after the company planned to take pensions from new-hires and cut other benefits.

Workers across all industries are seeing that now is the time to demand the things they feel they need and are fair, otherwise they can leave to find more favorable conditions elsewhere.

Unions are beginning to feel empowered, and workers may finally be able to demand the things they feel they’ve deserved for years.

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