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Spectrum sends former customers letters to renew service or destroy credit; some customers don’t owe debt

A Spectrum customer has shared that a letter was sent to inform him that by choosing to renew services, the company would eliminate debt he owes and stop reporting him to collections.

The letter goes on to say that better credit will make things like getting lower mortgages easier.

It ends by telling Steve Schklair, an Altadena, Calif. resident, “You have worked hard to build a great future for yourself and your family. We look forward to welcoming you back.”

Schklair informed the Los Angeles Times that he has not been a customer with Spectrum for years.

Spectrum verified that the letter was in fact legitimate and is just an opportunity for customers to reconnect.

Schklair said he felt threatened and added he does not owe the company any debt to begin with.

Without that debt on his file, it also shows that the letter is misleading and dishonest, as it states it will stop reporting- suggesting it already has reported to credit agencies.

He even inquired with service representatives, who verified he has no outstanding bills to the company.

A spokesperson for the company said the letter is sent to many customers as an opportunity to help their credit but not all who get the letter owe money.

Schklair calls their attempts “sleazy.”