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Officials push for the Canadian border to reopen; demand an explanation if it’s extended past Oct. 21

U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins is pushing the Biden administration to reopen the border to Canadians, which has remained closed since March of 2020.

The closure was supposed to be temporary, and Canada has since reopened their borders to vaccinated Americans.

Higgins called a press conference and spoke with the administration’s COVID-19 response coordinator.

According to Higgins, there was no explanation as to why the border is still closed.

$439 million dollars per month have been lost thanks to the border closure, and executive director of the Niagara USA Chamber of Commerce, Korey Schuler, wants an explanation if the closure continues past the next deadline of Oct. 21.

Schuler pointed out that people are crossing the Southern border with no issue, and wants to know the criteria being used to make these decisions if it’s going to continue.

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