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States join together to fight back against gun violence

Governor Kathy Hochul met with the governors of Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania during a virtual press conference. They announced that they would be sharing gun data connected to criminal activity.

There has been quite and increase in gun violence during the pandemic. Now all four states will share crime gun data regularly.

Homicides increased after the pandemic began, as well as homicides with the use of a firearm.

Data shows that 74% of guns recovered in New York State came from outside the state. It also shows that for trafficked guns, 15% come from Virginia, 13% from each of Pennsylvania and Georgia, 11% from South Carolina and 9% from North Carolina.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is restricted on releases data because of the federal government, which frustrated Governor Hochul. She believes the state would be in a better place with the data.

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