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Grocery store prices will remain high for at least the next year

The pandemic has caused massive price increases, and it’s expected to continue at least through the next year.

Shoppers have pointed out their grocery bills slowly rising over time.

Others say they’re noticing things are marked a dollar or two higher.

Wholesale inflation has risen 8.3% between Aug. 2020 and Aug. 2021.

The labor department has been tracking increases for over a decade and this is the highest jump on record.

SuperMarketGuru.Com’s Editor, Phil Lembert, says the places people will see the highest increases are anything meat related. This includes milk and eggs.

The fires over the summer impacted feed supply for animals, and truck drivers to transport refrigerated goods are hard to find these days. The cost to transport cold goods is up 10.4%.

Retailers are mostly getting 50-70% of what they order.

Consumers are urged to try more independent grocers like Aldi to shop for the cheapest possible deals.

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