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5 handy tips to help you improve your Apex legend ranking

Making it to the top of Apex Legends Ranked Leader board is surely an uphill task. While this mode is nearly identical to the standard matches, you may still witness some key differences.

That said, we here bring you some key tricks that top players in the Diamond or Apex Predator tiers use to improve their rankings. Using these, you can easily match their steps while making your way to the top of the Apex Legends Ranked Leader board.

Improve Your Apex Legends Ranking

1. Kills and placement must be reasonable.

Across Gold and Platinum, a lot of players repeat the error of aiming to harvest kills in excess of what they require. In case of Ranked, every kill and assist will give you extra points. This implies that your Kill Points (KP) will be limited to a maximum of six kills, assists, or a perfect amalgamation of two. These kill points are then increased according to your position in the game.

This implies that after you reach approximately 5-6 KP, you won’t need to fight every combat. Picking patchy battles can waste your possessions except if you’re absolutely certain you can win or it will progress your ranking.

In worst case scenario, you may become a victim of the feared “third-party” as a result of this. It’s occasionally a good idea to get into a solid late-game position and go for the victory.

2. Get a better understanding of the Meta

This may seem obvious, but the higher you climb in Ranked, the bigger thought you got to give in towards your next opponent. So, you must possess the right knowledge regarding using these following highly strong characters>

  • Gibraltar
  • Horizon
  • Octane
  • Revenant
  • Wraith
  • Caustic
  • Bloodhound

You’ll either have to learn how to employ these characters or how to deal with their distinct skills right away. Both the choices will help you, but you still must know about dealing with the meta characters.

3. Recognize when it’s time to cut and run

One of the other common slip-up individuals do is that they believe in the sunken cost fallacy. In other words, once they enter into a conflict, they think they must see it through to the end. This is not advisable especially in a game where so many players look through to fight with teams already indulged in battles.

Simply minimize your losses if you think it is tough for you to win a battle or if you’re squandering too many resources without making any real headway toward killing them. Being able to reorganize, mend, and claim a victory, even if just for a few seconds, may completely change the course of a combat.

4. Changing your approach towards the enemy

One area where you must improve in this game is how you approach and confront your enemies. Too many lower-ranking players simply stand around on random places thinking they are in a safe harbour. While this may bring you a significant advantage, you are still vulnerable from the enemies around.

So, when fighting, aim to keep approximately half of your legend’s body at the back some kind of hard cover. A door, a rock, or the slant of a roof can all be examples of this. It will be simpler for you to win duels if you won’t come to the target of your enemies.

5. Pick some strong weaponry

As you aim towards claiming the top tier ranking, train around 5-6 weapons which you feel will make a big difference in your battles. While you can’t always count on them, it will allow you to focus on making better of your aim on the Firing Range. 5-6 firearms are advisable simply because you want to have a great assortment of weaponry to take into the endgame.

You can pick from a list of weaponry like R-301,Hemlock, Flatline, EVA-8, Volt SMG ,Mastiff and so on. You must also carry a medium-range weapon, such as an assault rifle, and a secondary weapon that can be used for close or long range combat.

As you do that, ensure checking on to the load out of your squad mates. Besides, make sure your squad doesn’t extend beyond major weaponry like assault rifles. If you’re playing with others, let them know about your preferred weaponry. This accommodates their strategy while on a loot, allowing you to utilise a weapon that you are more familiar with.

Final word

These tips won’t help you to climb up the ladder overnight. You have to put in the required effort, time and practice to make it happen gradually. Now, just in case you are short of time and want to boost your gaming skills, you can do that while playing along several pro gamers around.

Not only you can improve your Apex Legends ranking that way, but can also learn something new every day while playing along the best professionals.

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