Useful tips From ecommerce experts

Building an e-commerce store in this day and age is a straightforward process. The tools to do so are available, and there are countless brands to choose from online. But while you can build a site, set its theme, and use plugins to make your site high-speed, attractive, and rank well on search engine sites, running an online business is a whole new ball game. In this article, we will look at some tips from experts to help you. As you launch or relaunch your e-commerce business.

Tips from ecommerce experts

Build a Loyalty Program

A business that will last long is a business that has loyal customers. The people who always come back asking for more of your product. A brilliant strategy is to create a loyalty program for this set of individuals. It can be reward points for every “X” amount of dollars spent on the store, which can then be used on the website, gifted out to family or friends to use, or a vacation, spa, or beach trip they can win.

Your goal is to make the customer feel valued and appreciated. A quick tip is to ask your customers what they want as a reward. It will surprise you at the level of insight you will receive.

Don’t Be In Such a Hurry To Advertise On Facebook

There is a buzz about kick-starting an ad campaign on Facebook when starting with your e-commerce store and, it’s not a bad idea one too. The problem is you may not have collected enough data to pinpoint your customers to the degree you would want. While running your store and other social media platforms, you would collect different data from your customers. They include their gender, age, location, the amount spent on average, etc. 

Collecting all the data on your customers will be helpful, as it allows you to work with evidence and not assumptions. You are more likely to have people convert if you do these than guessing who your customers are.

Use Influencers to Advertise Your Product

A sure-fire way of introducing your products to a new customer base is to get influencers involved in advertising your product. A study by Grapevine in 2016 showed influencers had a click-through rate of 2% while Facebook advertising had a click-through0rate of 1.16%. This figure is likely to continue to climb up. By influencers, we don’t mean the ones with millions of followers. While that is not a bad idea, it may be above your pay grade. Instead, go for niche influencers that promote your type of product or service. 

For example, if you sell baby clothes, it’s ideal to look for an influencer who speaks about motherhood or parenting. Their followers will likely have kids or babies who need clothes. Its also been found that micro-influencers have better engagement rates than Macro-influencers. So go for the small niche micro-influencer.

Sell Customer Experience and Not The Product

In the online world today, we have an abundance of products. Gone are the days one firm/company could cause artificial scarcity to increase the price. Now, chances are whatever you are selling online. There are hundreds or even thousands of people offering the same product or service. But one thing that can be different is the customer experience while on your website.

Customer experience would be the ease of navigating through your e-commerce site, the quality of the pictures on the site, including various angles of that product, and videos. 

Browsing an e-commerce website shouldn’t be a problem. The website load-time must be fast. If not, visitors will leave (which isn’t desirable for your bounce rate). You should also make sure navigating your site doesn’t feel like solving a puzzle.

Videos are also compelling because customers love them. It gives them a feel of the practicability of the product. The videos can be a how-to-use if a functional product. If it’s a product worn like clothes, it can be a video of friends posing in the dresses.

Doing this gives the customer the image of the product and can easily picture themselves in them.

Be Active On Your Social Media Platform

One of the best ways to connect is by interacting on your social media platforms. Ideally, you want to use the social media platforms your target market use often. Opening a social media account on two platforms and starting with those two is a safe way to start. Any more and you may not interact as much as you need to, which defeats the aim of being on social media. 

If you aren’t good with social media, then hire a social media manager to help. They don’t have to be expensive, just competent enough to put out content that brings about interactions. 

Social media is also a great place to host competitions and know more about your audience by conducting polls.


Always attempt to over-deliver. A good way is to offer free shipping and include a promo gift with the products you supplied. Doing this will endear you to your customers. Also, be on top of customer complaints and be quick to resolve them. These activities contribute to the brand name.

Give Offers and Discounts to First-Time Shoppers

Everyone loves a bargain, and do you know who loves them more? First-timers, the words discount and offers are magnetic and get people’s attention. So this is a perfect way to entice first-timers to come back for more. 

And make sure there is an expiry date to use the discount code or coupons. It is also best practice not to force new shoppers to register before buying. You can quickly lose them if they are still trying to test your store out.

Don’t forget to get people’s email addresses as you need to follow up with the customers. 

Create Great Content

One good way of improving your sales, getting new customers, and keep existing ones is by producing good content. Create a blog around your product. Share your knowledge of the industry and add value to many customers. Good content is value-adding content. 

Tell your audience how to use your product, talk about your industry at large and give tips to your audience. As long as your content connects with them, they will come rushing to your page. 

Get Feedback

Feedback is crucial to growth, and this isn’t different in the e-commerce space. Feedback from family and friends can be a way to start, although I doubt you would get an honest review, seeing they may not want to hurt your feelings. You can run polls and ask about your services. You can also find a specialist who can help you rate your website and suggest ways to improve it. 

Final Thoughts

Running an e-commerce business can be tedious work, but it all pays in the end. One thing you have to be is patient. Like every other business, results take time to come about—and learn to see every “failure” as a learning process. Just get started and do your magic!