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Is the letter from the IRS about stimulus checks a scam, or real?

Many taxpayers have received a letter in the mail recently claiming to be from the IRS, but they’re worried it’s fraudulent.

Turns out it’s legitimate.

Some people claimed a Recovery Rebate Credit on their 2020 tax returns for not receiving all stimulus checks or if they thought they got too little of an amount.

If the IRS believes your claim was wrong, they sent a letter.

The letter states that the IRS changed the claimed amount and gives reasons why they may have changed it.

Some reasons included that kids were too old for a stimulus check or too much money was made.

The letter also provides a number to contact the IRS at if you believe their change is incorrect.

People worry it’s fraudulent because the taxpayer ID number, which is sometimes a social security number, is provided.

The number to contact the IRS and verify the letter is 800-829-0922.

People have 60 days to appeal.

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