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Democratic race for Governor of New York starts to take shape

The race for governor and what it may look like for Democrats is finally beginning to take shape.

Last week, Jumaane Williams announced his creation of an exploratory committee, Attorney General Letitia James responded to criticism from different sides on her investigation into former Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Democratic Committee Chairman Jay Jacobs pushed other possible candidates to give Governor Kathy Hochul breathing room.

Recent polls have shown that voters aren’t paying a lot of attention to the race right now, with answers showing many don’t have an opinion or don’t know enough about candidates to form an opinion on them.

What normally draws voters in to vote in June when candidates are selected, and in November when the election for governor is held, are national issues, not state issues.

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo was able to secure his re-election in 2018 when using the race as a tool against former President Donald Trump.

Governor Gavin Newsom of California beat a recall challenge by using national issues.

Big issues right now that will be most likely to sway voters include climate change, the pandemic, and abortion rights.

A lot can change in a year though, and there are many different angles potential candidates can use over that time period.

On Sunday, Hochul attended a march in Seneca Falls in support of reproductive rights.

James has announced the launch of her “HealNY” tour that will deliver funding to local communities that have been impacted by opioid addiction, another national issue, but one that deeply touches many communities across the state.