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Will COVID become the next seasonal cold or flu?

Seasonal cold and flu season usually peaks between December and February every year, but the season was off last year due to COVID protocols with masking and social distancing.

The second season of COVID is coming to a close and it has people asking, is this the new normal?

Flu season is more typical in colder seasons for different reasons, like crowding indoors to stay warm, lower intake of Vitamin D, and weaker immune systems due to colder weather.

Some experts believe it’s too early to tell if COVID will become seasonal, due to the pattern showing no seasonal pattern.

One reason is that most people aren’t immune to it, even with vaccinations, and a lot of countries in the world don’t even have access to vaccines.

This gives the virus various vulnerable targets in every environment all over the world.

The mutating also makes it hard to predict what might happen, with some strains highly transmissible in comparison to others. It also causes the virus to do unexpected things, making it impossible to predict its behavioral pattern, unlike flus or the common cold.

Other experts believe that there is a possibility at the end of it all for this virus to become a persistent respiratory virus, meaning it will never be fully eradicated and society will learn to live with it.

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