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Woman goes on “Stayin’ Alive” tour to see her brother one last time in Five Points Correctional Facility

A 97-year-old woman has decided she’s going on a “Stayin’ Alive” tour, and one of her stops was here in the Finger Lakes to see her brother at Five Points Correctional Facility.

Rita Hart lives in a care facility in Mason, Ohio, and her son-in-law from Oregon is her driver for the tour.

Hart’s brother, Lee Lashwsay, was transferred to Five Points after suffering a heart attack.

Lashway is the youngest of 14 children and Hart is the oldest. They hadn’t seen each other since 2006, before Lashway was sent to prison in 2010, so she wanted to stop and see him one last time.

Lashway was exposed to COVID-19 on the bus to Five Points recently, making him quarantine for a mandatory 14 days.

After some convincing, the prison arranged a visit for the siblings with a glass window in between them.

Next, Hart will stop in the Albany area to see her other sibling Sandra.

She’ll then go to Vermont to see the leaves, then Massachusetts to see family and where her husband is buried.