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Republicans and local law enforcement feel the “Less is More” Act will cause harm to the public

The “Less is More” Act has been signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul, but law enforcement leaders are saying it has allowed crime to take over.

A press conference was held Wednesday by Republican lawmakers, local law enforcement, and victim advocates who called the new law reckless and say it will negatively impact everyone.

The law was signed Sept. 17 of this month and makes it so parolees can no longer be held for technical violations. These include missing curfew or testing positive for drugs.

Gates Police Chief Jim VanBrederode said this law is allowing career criminals back out into the community.

He went on to say that these are the criminals most likely to reoffend and won’t be stopped unless they commit a felony.

Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart is in favor of the law, saying it gives some a chance to stay out of prison and gives incentives to follow rules. She said 15% of people in Monroe County Jail are there for technical violations and costing the public $12.5 million dollars.

Barnhart also explained that New York State has the highest rate of incarceration for technical parole and probation violations.

Some are upset that Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter posted to social media a list of 29 people released due to the “Less is More” Act and listed their original crimes next to their names. Barnhart said it gives a false idea that they were released for those crimes when they were really released for technical violations.