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Moving your new office? Essential do’s and don’ts from expert moving services

Tesla and Hewlett Packard are just some of the big names that have moved their headquarters to Texas. The state boasts business-friendly regulations, low taxes, and an environment that encourages success. Not a day goes by that you won’t see office moving company trucks coming in and out of the city, with corporate movers moving box after box of office equipment. If you’re looking to move your HQ to Texas to fast-track your company’s growth, know that the most crucial step in the process is finding the right Texas office movers. This ensures that the data and assets you’ve accumulated so far arrive at your new office space safe and sound. Here is a handy guide on essential dos and don’ts straight from corporate movers themselves.

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DO plan your move way ahead of time

While most corporate movers recommend booking your move 4-6 weeks before the actual moving date, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it as soon as moving plans have been finalized. Remember, office moves are more complex than residential moves because of equipment assembly, data and intellectual property protection, employee relocation, and auto transportation. All of these need to be coordinated and synced to ensure you have everything when you open your office doors at your new Texas location.

DON’T book or make changes to your booking at the last minute

As a fully-certified office moving company, we know that corporate status can change in a minute. A flourishing business can instantly fail because of one single transaction. Today, you may feel confident that your business has enough funding to last until you settle into your new Texas office, but that might not be the way you feel about it tomorrow. Nevertheless, moving is a huge decision, and you should secure enough funding to last you at least three months at your new location before you decide. Last-minute choices can compromise the quality of your move.

DO ask your employees to remove or pack their personal belongings

We know that each employee will have personal effects on their desks, and without instructions, corporate movers will pack everything in sight. Before the big day, ask your employees to pack their desks to ensure that everything that needs to be left behind is not included in the move. Some might be even more comfortable with packing the items and taking them home in the meantime.

DON’T attempt to pack everything on your own

While we appreciate that some companies want to go through the process without any packing help, it’s better to invest in packing services to prevent item damage and loss when it comes to essential office assets and equipment. We will even help assemble and disassemble computer setups for you during the process if need be to protect your company’s data. Many managers do away with packing services because it’s an additional cost, but it’s an excellent investment to make, especially for long distance moves. Expert corporate movers know precisely how to pack fragile items for long journeys to minimize a collision.

DO be present during the moving day

We know that managing a business can get hectic, but as much as possible, try to be present during moving day. Aside from signing paperwork, you need to ensure that everything that needs to be taken gets taken and fragile items get the special care they need. Also, if you packed some items before the big day, remember to mark them as fragile if they need special care.

DON’T leave storage items as is

While it’s tempting to leave items inside file cabinets, desks, and racks, it’s better to empty these before moving them. Storage containers can be left as is because the locking mechanisms are secure, but filing cabinets are not as secured even when locked. Desks usually have no locks, and you wouldn’t want your important documents to fall out of an opened drawer and be lost forever.

DO get insurance coverage for your items

As professional long distance movers, we offer insurance protection for all of our customers; however, insurance options come in different tiers. Because your office equipment and data are important, remember to choose the insurance coverage that protects your items at full value. Tempting as it might be to go for the cheapest or free business insurance coverage, even the best and most experienced long distance movers will advise you to get full insurance because there are things outside our control during a move.

DON’T be late on moving day

Our professional movers always show up on time, so please make sure to be there at the appointed time and date. Remember that you are paying the movers per hour, and if delays happen because you are late, it means more expenses on your part. Movers will also know the best time to travel to avoid traffic and make the experience go more smoothly, so it’s better to stick to the schedule.

DO hire professional moving companies for your office move

While homeowners may get away with just renting a truck and moving to their new home on their own, the situation is different for corporate moves. Because you are moving important assets and data to a new location, it would be a shame to lose it in transit because you didn’t want to hire professional movers to save money. Moving to a new business location is a considerable investment, so you might as well ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. Hiring professionals only means you give huge importance to your assets, your employees, and your company.

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